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GTS Central Europe cloud infrastructure and BPM for internal use case study @ Cisco Expo 2011 conference in Warsaw, Poland

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Gts cisco expo_ver_1.5

  1. 1. Creating a World Class CloudComputing Service Cisco Expo, 17th November 2011 Pawel Pytlakowski Cloud & Managed Services Product Manager, GTS CE
  2. 2. Agenda• About GTS Central Europe• Case Study • Context for the Case Study • What is the service about • What kind of challenges GTS faced • Why Cisco?• How to approach the TCO calculation• Summary
  3. 3. GTS Central EuropeAbout GTS Central Europe  The „Communications Infrastructure Provider‟ in Central & Eastern Europe  Focused on CEE region (CZ, HU, PL, SK and RO)  Diverse product offerings (Ethernet, MPLS, leased lines, colocation, voice)  Owners – consortium of investors led by Columbia Capital, M/C Venture Partners and Innova CapitalNetwork & Data Centers  14 data center locations offering reliability and redundancy in all CEE-5 countries: 12,270 square meters of data center space in service (82% occupied), Enabled another 1,500 square meters under construction  Over 10 years of experience in colocation & hosting, including management of applications/databases, security, backup, disaster recovery…  Over 17,000 kilometers of national and international fiber  Carrier Ethernet Network – the only MEF certified Provider in CEE region.
  4. 4. CASE STUDY
  5. 5. The ContextData Center / IaaS / PaaS / SaaS: opportunities and challenges Infrastructure, Maintenance Computing Power & Storage & Competences Cost Outsourcing Requests Worldwide offerings & Scalable, Secure & Self-Managed CAGR Competition in the CEE 17% Infrastructure as a Service PolandCAGR for Computing Services Coherent Offering in CEE Region: 17-24% for all GTS Business UnitsSource: Forrester Consulting Group, 2010 CAGR CAGR 17% ~20% Czech Republic Slovakia CAGR CAGR ~20% 24% Romania HungarySolution: Deployment of the Virtual Hosting Platform located in the CEE region,followed with unified hosting services portfolio for all GTS Country Business Units. 5
  6. 6. Developing a compelling offerGTS Virtual Hosting Before we get caught up in the hype, let‟s take a moment to define the Cloud Designed especially for Business & Enterprise Customers phenomenon in simple, relevant terms for Delivered as your personal virtual IT department business. The Cloud is, to put it simply, a virtual IT department. All your software, Award winning service provider class platform distributed in storage, servers, processing power, the CEE region applications and data is managed off- campus through an expert service Security provided at every level by owner of the solution provider. This “Cloud” of computing Combination with Ethernet service makes it transparent for capabilities can be parcelled out on an “as- needed” basis, and can be scaled up and migrations down as the needs of a business change. 10+ Years of experience in Colocation and Hosting Services All that is needed on the your side is a PC with network access and you are working at full capability. Computerworld, Czech Rep.
  7. 7. Developing a compelling offer Scalable package of computing-as-a-service products, which allow customers to select, allocate and move computing resources when and where they are needed:  Virtual Private Server (VPS) as an equivalent of a single server  Virtual Hosting Environment (VHE) as an equivalent of a private Data Center composed of a number of resources (computing units + memory+ storage + additional services). VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER VIRTUAL HOSTING ENVIRONMENT SIMPLE PUBLIC CLOUD PRIVATE CLOUDThis is why you are outsourcing… TYPICAL WORKLOADS TYPICAL WORKLOADS • External Websites • Business Critical ERP • Productivity Tools • Back Office/Internal • SaaS • Analytics/Reporting PREDICTABLEYou know what the max cost is… PRIVATE NETWORK INTERNET ETHERNET / MPLS AGILE When and where you need it… Computerworld, Czech Rep.
  8. 8. Challenge … Major concerns for Cloud Computing …Above 80% of respondents highlight security,performance and availability as significant challenge for Cloud Computing adaption… #1 #2 Security PerformanceSource: IDC 2009, worldwide
  9. 9. How we provide the security… Challenges:  Secure the access to Cloud Environment  Transition of the environment with the same security and network settings  Customers‟ Data Security  Separation of the customers in the multitenant platform  Providing highest security services to the most demanding customers – cost effective dedicated solutions. Solution:  VMWare service separation mechanisms + virtual firewalls = adaptive security which travels across the platform with VMs  Cisco ASA 5585-X with virtual contexts  Combination of Cisco Nexus 5k and 1kV (physical – virtual)  NetApp FAS storages with Multistore and FlexShare technologies for separating the customers‟ data.  CommVault backup & archiving system  Single framework which may be used for public, private and dedicated installations of the cloud computing services.  Ethernet (L2) access from the customer location.  GTS Tier 3 class data centers.  E2E Security – all services from one Service Provider
  10. 10. How we guarantee the performance…  Enterprise/Provider Class equipment located in TIER 3 class Data Center  Guaranteed SLA policies for different types of environments  End-to-End performance (Cloud Computing + Ethernet services)  Team of professionals taking care of the services 24/7  SLA reporting & service performance monitoring VPS VPS VPS VPS VHE VIRTUALIZATION LAYER HVAC Power 10
  11. 11. Example Case: Insurance & Finance APP APP APP APP APP APP APP APP OS OS OS OS OS OS OS OS vm vm vm vm vm vm vm vm HYPER-V Sales Support System Payment Support System VMWare Virtualization Layer End Customers Internet Sales Team Database Citrix Storage Cluster App Farm Application Cluster & Backup Customer‟ GTS VPN Network SystemGTS Data Center AdministratorDESCRIPTION Insurance company, which uses Internet as one of the sales channels Customer did not want to develop IT competences needed to manage the service inside the company and looked for a Professional outsourcer for his core IT systems. Currently the customer uses the following services: • Sales Support System (40 Virtual Machines) delivered with VMWare virtualization technology • Payment Support System (16 Virtual Machines) delivered with VMWare virtualization technology • Citrix Farm delivered in Hyper-V • 5 x Oracle Database
  12. 12. Case Study Summary • Initially distributed into two Data CentersThe Service • Offered in the CEE region for business and enterprise customers • Accessed with the Customer Portal • Finalized learning curve -> in production • Parts of the platform Interconnected with own L2Networking • DIA / MLPS (L3) connection for most of the solutions • Transparent L2 connection for high throughputs and requirements for services being available in office LAN • Separated LAN / WAN / SAN • Concerns for security & performance well addressed withChallenges service design and transparent offer • Appropriate translation of physical into virtual environments (addressed with flexible service) • Fully self-managed service Future • Professional Services Catalogue • Potential migration to 10G in access technology
  13. 13. Why Cisco? Scalability • UCS servers – stable, scalable & upgradable • Nexus 5k + FEX – different protocols, 10G (LAN/SAN) • ASA 5585-X – SP–class firewall, virtual context • ASR 1000 series for L3 services Brand awareness – no further questions if it runs on CISCO • VMWare + Cisco + NetApp (setup recommended forInteroperability virtualization related services) • Nexus 1kV working in the VMWare layer • Support for SAN: FC / FCoE / iSCSI • Cisco supported GTS in the LLD Support • Cisco is cooperating with GTS in GTM execution • Cisco is supporting GTS in further platform and service development Competences • Cisco technology is well recognized in the market • GTS has competences in the CISCO technologies
  15. 15. This is great, but I will try to do it on my own… MANAGEMENT LAYER VIRTUALIZATION LAYER 25% • Data Center / Server Room • Power + redundancy • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning 75% • Data Center fit out • Management Layer • OS + DB licenses (MS, Oracle etc.) • Backup system + archiving • Load Balancing • Multi Vendor Hardware Maintenance • Tech support (additional years) • Replacements / spares / upgrades • IT personnel – HR (24/7) (min. 3 administrators) • Trainings and knowledge • Deployment, configuration, tests • Financing (costs) 15
  16. 16. This is great, but I will try to do it on my own… Cost comparison Assumptions: ● 50 VM: 4 vCPU + 16 GB RAM (average) ● Storage space: ca. 20 TB ● Backup (ca. 10 TB) 28% ● Virtualization software: VMWare ● RACK servers ● Dedicated LAN + SAN ● Average competences on the IT Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Total Outsourcing Do-It-YourselfAlmost 50% difference after 2 years and nearly 30% in 5 years TCO (assuming noreplacements of the hardware and no increase in demand for competences and trainings onthe IT team) 16
  17. 17. Summary Delivering the Value Proposition: • Flexible and Reliable environment accessed and managed with theValue Added Services customer portal • Adaptive security provided on all levels of the service (Virtualization, VLANs, vSwitch and Firewalls) • Enterprise class servers, storage, networking for the 10th of the cost • Services located in GTS TIER 3 Class Data Centers accessed with DIA, MPLS or ETHERNET services • Two variants of service: unmanaged or managed. The Professional Services are delivered by Team of engineers experienced in VMWare, Microsoft, Oracle, Citrix, Cisco, NetApp, Linux etc. Public Websites Production / Business-Critical Mission-critical Test/Development Second Site (Disaster Recovery) Special requirementsComputing Power VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER VIRTUAL HOSTING ENVIRONMENT DEDICATED SOLUTION PUBLIC CLOUD PRIVATE CLOUD PHYSICAL  Multi-Tenant  Restricted or Single Tenancy  Single Customer  Storage Logically Separated  Storage Physically Separated  Dedicated Storage  Computing Logically Separated  Computing Physically Separated  Dedicated Computing
  18. 18. Questions? GTS CENTRAL EUROPE Marynarska 15 02-674 Warsaw, Poland Tel.: +48 22 488 80 00 Fax.: +48 22 488 14 21
  19. 19. case study – internal BPM withinGTS virtual hosting platform Cisco Expo, 17th November 2011 Krzysztof Zych CIO (Group Head of IT), GTS CE
  20. 20. Agenda• BPM Quick-Start project objectives & approach• Project approach and timing• Hardware platform selection• Installation summary• Summary and benefits from CIO perspective
  21. 21. BPM Quick Start project objectivesShort •Automate PAS (performance appraisal system) process toterm have better visibility and manageability at group level and use its results for strategic employee management = •Automate a number of basic processes visible and required for all/most employeesQuick •Provide a common tool for enterprise process management and use if for any new process management projectsStart •Support all group wide enterprise management (HR, finance, procurement, project management, product management) processes, which require workflow, approvalLong process and document managementterm •Have the same processes and common tool with unified task- list, escalation rules, etc. •Minimize number of process management systems to a single tool as a future target solution
  22. 22. BPM Quick Start project approach 1 2 3Initialize andanalyze Deliver PAS process Optimize andrequirements • Test and adjust PAS adjust• Define processes in „quick start” scope Today, we’re just here !Deliver other quick Analyze and Decide to continue start processes measure benefits or not 4 5 6
  23. 23. PAS (Performance Appraisal System) project timingFirst idea IdeaJanuary- approval SystemFebruary end of April go-live 11’ 11’ July 12th System and PAS Post-go- partner project live selection initiation tuning February- mid May until end April 11’ 11’ of AugustVery short implementation period – about 8 weeks from system installationIt takes about 4 weeks to order and deliver typical hardware platform
  24. 24. PAS project main challenges Complex, matrix organisation Experimental project with new with solid and dotted line technology - first enterprise management process to be fully automatedNo common HR system, AD the PAS process used only during 4- only source of employee and 6 months yearly, and idle during AD PL organisation data rest of the year Poland1300 eligible employees and all The system to be used by other activities performed within Excel processes automation later – before Q3 11’ scalability required AD CZ AD SK Czech Republic Slovakia AD RO AD HU Romania Hungary
  25. 25. HW infrastructure optionsOptions Cons ProsPurchase of new CAPEX investment required Low technical riskphysical HW = Self- Long procurement processHosted EnvironmentOwn internal IT CAPEX investment required Good understanding and knowledgevirtual infrastructure Investment in internal knowledge Low technical risk(initiated a few yearsago, country based) Internal infrastructure management= Private cloud issues Environment extension requiredGTS virtual hosting Initially higher risk as the env is not Dynamic resources allocation based oninfrastructure known and not managed internally real system usage and pick usage(common with GTS periodscustomers) = IaaS Easier configuration and experimenting Dedicated, well educated admins High availability and scalability Available in days Low monthly fee
  26. 26. Available options and car exampleOptions Cons ProsBuy a new car Money to be paid upfront It‟s mine Garage costs Full freedom of choice which size, Insurance costs mark or color Periodic service costs etcShare it with Money to be paid upfront Upfront paid money can be sharedsmb - if used for Garage costs Better use of the equipment (makesbusiness sense if in business) Insurance costs Periodic service costs etcBuy a service ? Predictable costsnot car eg. use No maintenance costs at alltaxi Use only when required and pay for actual usage
  27. 27. Installation summary• The whole BPM webMethods 8.2 (BPM engine, portal, integration layer, BAM, reporting, BPM DB) is installed on GTS virtual platform with Windows Server 2008: Production virtual environment Dev & Test Frontend Application Database 2CPU / 2CPU / 2CPU / 2CPU / 2CPU / 16GB RAM 16GB RAM 16GB RAM 16GB RAM 16GB RAM My webMethods Integration Server MS SQL Server 2008 Development Testing Server (portal+task + Broker (process (internal webMethods environment environment engine) + Optimize engine) + ARIS DB + process data) (BAM) MashZone reporting• Performance issues, initially due to improper configuration and learning curve as the system was the first one installed on GTS virtual hosting platform• Now, the environment is stable and resources are used at about 20% average
  28. 28. Summary and benefits from CIO perspective• Quick system installation, no issues with procurement and waiting for hardware, perfect solution for experimental, innovative projects• Easier platform management, IT team may focus on application management and leave HW admin & management to specialized team• Resources may be managed dynamically, which is perfect for applications used only in specific periods not during the whole year
  29. 29. Questions? GTS CENTRAL EUROPE Marynarska 15 02-674 Warsaw, Poland Tel.: +48 22 488 80 00 Fax.: +48 22 488 14 21