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Basics of Building ACoolWEBSITE


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Basics of Building ACoolWEBSITE

Published in: Education
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Basics of Building ACoolWEBSITE

  2. 2. What’s Going On  Problem many businesses have with the Web Development Process  How We’d Like to Solve Problem  Building a Co-Operative Network  Working with Partners  Sales & Marketing  Continuing Education (Chamber of Commerce)  Self Maintenance  Scale Expand Grow
  3. 3. More Than Design By using the proper structure for your site, so it builds authority in your niche or local market, it will get better visibility with Google. This usually results in our clients’ sites ranking higher in local search or niche search results, and can even translate into even higher sales! If your online presence isn’t fully mobile-optimized, you could be missing out on sales by as much as 50%!
  4. 4. “ ” How to build ACoolWEBSITE for What it cost to attend a how to workshop SCORE WORKSHOP ON “HOW TO BUILD WORDPRESS SITE” - $299
  5. 5. What Are The Cost One-Time Fees  Theme  Design & Development  Workflow Process Recurring  Domain Name  Hosting  SSL  CONTENT!!!
  6. 6. ACoolWEBSITE Process  Discovery  Wireframe  Content & Copy  Workflow  Vision  Plan  Develop  Review & Test  Align (Education, Vendors, Mentors)  Launch
  7. 7. PHASE 1 Once you determine what you would like your site to accomplish, discuss it with our team or one of our project managers. In this phase, we'll discuss the merits and obstacles about your vision with honesty, clarity and enthusiasm. Our goal is to help you fully flesh out your vision and ideas, so we can develop an effective plan of execution to make it a reality. In this phase, the "big picture" matters more than the minute details. Let's discuss your vision!
  8. 8. PHASE 2 In this phase, our development team will focus its energies into developing a plan for a prototype site that will meet the minimum functionality requirements. In tech- world jargon, this is known as the MVP, which means "Minimally Viable Product". Establish a PLAN of action, get YOUR approval, then... WE get to work!
  9. 9. PHASE 3 Up to this point, we have been making sure that all functionality goals are met, the project is kept within budget, and milestones are being reached by deadlines. Our development team will now focus its energies into refining the product and shipping the fully-operational version of your app. Once that's done, we'll do another round of real-world testing. User feedback will be critical to ensuring that the website project stays on track. Foundation to Further Develop, Enhance, and Expand
  10. 10. PHASE 4 By this stage, your site is ready for prime- time. It's been fully-tested and tweaked, and our development team is confident that it's ready for your customers and end users. After launch, we'll periodically check in with you to ensure that the site is functioning properly and efficiently. We will also make update recommendations, assess bug reports and so on, to ensure quality control. We remain committed to ensuring that like a fine wine, your app will continue to improve over time. LAUNCH & LEARN
  11. 11. Partner Network Sales & Marketing Education Scale & Expand