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Kazakhstan - U.S. Relations Infographic 2016-


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Kazakhstan and the United States have been partners in trade, security and nuclear non-proliferation for 25 years.

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Kazakhstan - U.S. Relations Infographic 2016-

  1. 1. United States KAZAKHSTAN Partners in Trade, Security & Nuclear Non-Proliferation for 25 years The United States was among the first countries to recognize KAZAKHSTAN’S INDEPENDENCE in December 1991. GENERAL ELECTRIC ships locomotive kits manufactured in Grove City & Erie, Pennsylvania to Kazakhstan for final assembly creating high- quality jobs in both countries. Kazakhstan annually hosts STEPPE EAGLE joint counter-terrorism and peacekeeping exercises between Kazakh, US and NATO forces. In Iraq, Kazakhstani forces dismantled 4 MILLION MINES and Military & Security Cooperation explosives. 2010 Kazakhstan - U.S. two way trade $0.4 Billion Kazakhstan is a key implementer of the NEW SILK ROAD INITIATIVE that will spur commerce, economic development and tourism. NEW SILK ROAD $24 BILLION The U.S. supported Kazakhstan's accession to the WTO, which was finalized in 2015. BLACK ANGUS HEREFORD North Dakota exports more than 50,000 head of Black Angus & Hereford cattle to Kazakhstan annually through a joint venture between KAZAKH & U.S. companies. The fourth SPD between Kazakhstan & U.S. affirms the bilateral friendship is strong and based on mutual understanding & respect. Since 2005, American foreign direct investment into KAZAKHSTAN Kazakhstan and the National Nuclear Security Administration have a long history of collaboration on nuclear material safeguards and nonproliferation issues. has totaled $1.4 BILLIONexports to US imports from US STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP DIALOGUE 4 2005 2016