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Infographic: Kazakhstan Green Economy


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In 2017, Astana will host Expo2017, the first world's fair held in Central Asia. The theme of Expo2017 is the "Future of Energy". Expo2017 will showcase innovative and practical solutions for the world's energy and environmental issues. KZ's Green Bridge Initiative addresses green growth, low-carbon development, climate change, biodiversity. There are already 25 large renewable energy projects in Kazakhstan generating solar, wind and hydro-electric power. More projects are due to start this year, most notably the Yermentau wind park, which will provide to power EXPO2017.

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Infographic: Kazakhstan Green Economy

  1. 1. EXPO 2017 "ENERGY OF THE FUTURE." 5 50% from Clean Energy The KAZAKHSTAN 2050 STRATEGY sets the 50 PERCENT 0% Green Economy 500,000 Green Bridge Initiative SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT in Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions 15 PERCENT 25 PERCENT CAP AND TRADE SYSTEM Water Conservation WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PLAN Kazakhstan Leading the Green Revolution in Central Asia Renewable & Alternative Energy 25 LARGE RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS