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Astana Calling No.469


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Nazarbayev, Erdogan Discuss Bilateral Cooperation in Ankara, Actor Alimzhanov Talks Playing the President, Love of Movie,

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Astana Calling No.469

  1. 1. A WEEKLY ONLINE PUBLICATION / WWW.MFA.GOV.KZ ISSUE NO. 469 / FRIDAY, AUGUST 12, 2016 Nazarbayev, Erdogan Discuss Bilateral Cooperation inAnkara Also InThe News ActorAlimzhanovTalksPlayingthe President,LoveofMovies In Focus: Foreign Policy Priorities
  2. 2. Nazarbayev,ErdoganDiscussBilateralCooperationinAnkara Calling Astana ASTANA CALLING / ISSUE 469/ 2 Back to Contents President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and President of TurkeyRecepTayyipErdoganmetAug.5inAnkaratodiscussbilateral cooperation and international issues. Nazarbayev was the first world leader to visit the country after the failed coup attempt last month, Erdogan noted during the visit. “Turkey is one of the closest and most reliable political and economic partners of our country,” Nazarbayev said in Ankara. “We have growing relationships based on a common historical past and spiritual heritage. Kazakhstan supports the Turkish people and is always ready to provide any assistance.” Nazarbayev emphasised the importance of the New Synergy joint economic programme between the two countries, adopted during Erdogan’s state visit to Astana last year. The goal of the programme is to increase trade turnover between the countries to $10 billion and as such provides for the implementation of 20 investment projects worth $813 million, he said. He also invited Turkish businesses to take part in Kazakhstan’s Nurly Zhol economic stimulus programme, which focuses on infrastructure development and industrialisation. “In this regard, it is important to create Kazakhstan-Turkey industrial zones, which will help boost the further expansion of economic opportunities between the two countries,” Nazarbayev said. The President also noted the countries’ ongoing cooperation. “Today in Kazakhstan, more than 1,600 enterprises using Turkish capital are operating successfully,” he said. “Turkish businesses took an active part in the construction of Astana. To date, representatives of Turkish companies have performed construction work totalling $20 billion. Last year, the trade turnover between our countries totalled $2 billion.” According to the Turkish President’s official website, Erdogan commended Kazakhstan as a highly important partner for Ankara. “Over the past quarter-century, Kazakhstan has become one of the most stable and economically-developed countries of its region under the competent and visionary leadership of President Nazarbayev. Turkey has the rightful pride of being the first-ever country to recognize Kazakhstan’s independence. I congratulate with heartfelt emotions President Nazarbayev and brotherly Kazakh nation both on my own and my nation’s behalf on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence. Turkey is also a strategic partner of Kazakhstan. We will hopefully hold soon in Turkey Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev (right) and Turkish Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the third meeting of the High Level Strategic Cooperation Council, which was established back in 2011,” he said. The two leaders said they intend to work together on ways to address international security challenges, including terrorism. Erdogan congratulated his guest with Kazakhstan’s recent election to the United Nations Security Council. Nazarbayev also stressed the importance of bilateral and humanitarian cooperation, and invited Turkish citizens to Kazakhstan for EXPO 2017. The Turkish president thanked Nazarbayev for his efforts to ease tensions between Turkey and Russia over the past few months, and for Kazakhstan’s recent support for Turkey. President Nazarbayev and the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued statements on July 16 condemning attempted coup in Turkey and expressing full support to its democratically elected government, as well as expressing condolences to the brotherly nation over the loss of dozens of lives in clashes in Ankara and Istanbul during the preceding night. “Turkey is one of the closest and most reliable political and economic partners of our country. We have growing relationships based on a common historical past and spiritual heritage. Kazakhstan supports the Turkish people and is always ready to provide any assistance.”
  3. 3. ActorAlimzhanovTalksPlayingthePresident,LoveofMovies Calling Astana ASTANA CALLING / ISSUE 469/ 3 Back to Contents Nurlan Alimzhanov, who played President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in the epic about the President’s life, has always wanted to be an actor, he told the Kazpravda newspaper. The Zhas Tulpar award winner fell in love with acting in his first role in “Marriage Proposal,” based on a piece by his father, Bayangali Alimzhanov. He then tried out theatre, TV and music before deciding to focus on films. “I come from Kenashy village in Kokshetau oblast,” Alimzhanov said. “In our village, Indian and American movies were very popular. Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mithun Chakraborty were our idols. Trying to be like them, I started practicing taekwondo, especially after watching ‘Double Impact’ with Van Damme, I can seriously say that he was my teacher.” When it came time to shoot “The Way of the Leader,” the role felt natural, he said. “After the success of the first part, ‘The Sky of my Childhood,’ it was decided to shoot the subsequent sections. … At the beginning of my career, I never thought that I could play the role of the President. It was destiny. I felt enormous responsibility,” the actor admitted. Alimzhanov also knew that if he focused too much on playing a president, the characterisation wouldn’t work. Instead, he embodied the determined young steel worker who had no idea he’d become a leader, but wanted to satisfy his thirst for knowledge nonetheless. “In the film, I just walk, step by step, to the top, which Nazarbayev did,” Alimzhanov explained. “In order to do this, I communicated with his friends and read everything I could find on him, especially memories of the President and his classmates.” During the nine-month shoot for the second part of the film, the cast and crew travelled to Moscow, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Belarus – but much of the movie was filmed in Kazakhstan, in Temirtau, Karaganda oblast. Director Rustem Abdrashev and production designer Sabit Kurmanbekova recreated the city as it was in the middle of the past century, turning Temirtau into one giant set. Learning about Nazarbayev’s steelworking years, Alimzhanov came to understand by what hard labour the President and his colleagues had earned their daily bread. To convincingly portray a variety of characters, the actor listens and watches people, travels, reads, and tries to meet new people. Inadditiontohisimpressiveappearance,thehandsomeAlimzhanovis a master of Kazakh literary language, which he attributes to his father. “My father gave me a taste for reading … For me, literature, in terms of spiritual development, is more important than cinema. I love rereading Kazakh writers, such as Abay, Mukhtar Auezov, Gabit Musrepov, Sabit Mukanova and my father, of course. From Russia, I like Gogol and Dostoevsky. The book by British historian and traveller John Man, ‘Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan,’ has become my table-book,” Alimzhanov said. He also confesses to being a movie addict. “I … don’t miss a single movie, domestic or foreign,” he said. “When friends suggest playing billiards, going to a restaurant or something else, I say ‘Let’s go to the movies.’ In the cinema, my soul relaxes. I learn from watching other actors. This is my hobby.” Alimzhanov has played the lead in a dozen other films. He rose to prominencewithhisroleasoneofthebrothersintheseries“Againdar,” (Kins) by Akan Satayev. But there are many more roles to aspire to on the horizon, he said. “In Kazakhstan, there are a lot of good directors and more unplayed historical roles, like Khan Abylai, Saken Seifullin and the leaders of the Alash Movement. In my heart, I cherish a dream to play at least some of them. Although no one has offered me such a role yet, I am preparing myself for them.” Alimzhanov also knew that if he focused too much on playing a president, the characterisation wouldn’t work. Instead, he embodied the determined young steel worker who had no idea he’d become a leader, but wanted to satisfy his thirst for knowledge nonetheless. President Nursultan Nazarbayev (right) awards Nurlan Alimzhanov for his contributions to Kazakhstan’s cinema industry, December 2013
  4. 4. InFocus: Foreign Policy Priorities The parties reached an agreement on organisation of a visit of Bhoocha-oom to Astana on Aug. 19 to sign an agreement of Thailand’s participation in EXPO 2017. Zhoshybayev and Akhtar discussed the terms of ESCAP’s participation in the exhibition and ways of cooperation in the field of green economy. Akhtar proposed creating a special side event of ESCAP during EXPO 2017 where it could present an Asia-Pacific Energyportal,sustainableenergyprogrammeandgreendevelopment online trainings. The leadership of Thai energy and tourism companies and business circles expressed high interest to present their capabilities during EXPO 2017 in Astana. Welcoming Investment Akim (Governor) of the Zhambyl region Karim Kokrekbayev met with a group of investors from Iran in the framework of the memorandum on cooperation between the Zhambyl regional administration of and TR-KZ holding company Aug.9. The delegation from Iran included specialists in different spheres of the agriculture sector. The participants of the meeting discussed investing in agricultural projects and cooperation in this sector. Iranian investors are ready to consider investment projects in priority spheres of the agriculture sector. “The Zhambyl region is good for sowing and cattle breeding. We plant to implement here several benefits for both countries projects. We can help you in the agriculture sector,” the head of the Iranian delegation said. TheKazakhdelegationnotedthattheZhambylregionisreadytooffer Iranian investors promising investment projects requiring financing in the agro-industrial complex. ( Calling Astana ASTANA CALLING / ISSUE 469/ 4 Strengthening UN & Int’l Security PresidentNursultanNazarbayevsentatelegramofcondolences to President of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain in connection with the terrorist attack in Quetta that took place on Aug. 8. Kazakhstan perceived the tragic news with a deep sorrow for many innocent victims who died during the terrorist attack. “Kazakhstan strongly condemns international extremism and terrorism, which threatens global security. Our country fully supports the efforts of the international community to combat the spread of this threat,” the letter said. On behalf of the people of Kazakhstan and on his own behalf, Nazarbayev expressed his deepest condolences to the families, relatives and friends of the victims, as well as the friendly Pakistan nation. He wished a speedy recovery to the injured. ( Hosting Astana Expo 2017 Turkey will present its best developments in the field of alternative energy sources at EXPO 2017 in Astana. Chairman of the Board Akhmetzhan Yessimov and Commissioner of the Turkish section of the exhibition and Deputy Minister of Economy of Turkey Tarik Sonmez signed a relevant agreement in Ankara Aug. 5. During the meeting, Yessimov stressed that is among the most important countries participating in EXPO 2017. “The pavilion of Turkey will be one of the biggest pavilions of EXPO 2017. I am sure that Turkey will demonstrate its best innovations in the sphere of renewable energy sources at the exhibition,” Yessimov said. Antalya is holding EXPO 2016 in which Kazakhstan is taking an active part. Yessimov EXPO 2017 Commissioner Rapil Zhoshybayev paid a visit to the Kingdom of Thailand Aug. 8-9, where he met with Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Commissioner of Thailand National Section in EXPO 2017 Areepong Bhoocha-oom, UN Under-Secretary General – United Nations ESCAP (the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) Executive Secretary Shamshad Akhtar, as well as the country’s business circles. Zhoshybayev and Bhoocha-oom discussed bilateral economic and energy cooperation between the two countries, as well as participation of Thailand in EXPO 2017. Thailand aims to increase the share of renewable and alternative energy sources up to 25 percent by 2021. The country has rich experience in the development and use of biomass and wants to keep its leading role in the Asia-Pacific Region in terms of generating energy from biomass. Back to Contents
  5. 5. Also InThe News... • Kazakhstan takes part in Olympics Opening Ceremony On Aug. 5, a delegation of athletes and officials from Kazakhstan took part in the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games at the legendary Maracana stadium, once the world’s largest, in Rio de Janeiro. Taekwondo fighter Ruslan Zhaparov carried the nation’s flag. A day before, Kazakhstan’s flag was raised in the Olympic Village in a colourful ceremony, along with the flags of Spain, Turkey, the Seychelles Islands and Chad. “All the 104 athletes who won licenses for the games are already heroes to us. They have earned the love of their country. I will not make predictions on how many medals we may win but we will be looking forward [to them]. Have you noticed that among the five countries whose flags were raised today, Kazakhstan’s was the first? I hope this is a good sign for the future,” said Vice Minister for Culture and Sport of Kazakhstan Saken Musaibekov. According to Chairman of the Sport and Physical Education Committee of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Culture and Sport Elsiyar Kanagatov, athletes are provided with all the necessary conditions for living and training in the Olympic Village. “The Olympic Village has already begun its work, and our staff is already doing organising work. After arriving here our athletes almost immediately can continue their trainings and preparations for competitions,” he said. The Summer Olympic Games of 2016 are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Aug. 5 to 21. Events involving the nation’s athletes are broadcast live on the public TV channels Kazakhstan, Khabar and Kazsport. ( • Astana creates more accommodation options for expo visitors EXPO 2017 organisers announced recently that 24 hotels and four hostels would be constructed to accommodate visitors to next year’sthree-monthevent.“Wehaveworkedhardtoensurethatthey will have places to stay. Now, there are about 30,000 hotel rooms; in addition 5,000 more rooms will be introduced by 2017,” said head of Astana’s Business and Industry Department Malika Bekturova. “We are also considering the option of placing guests near the exhibition site… We are planning to make a summer town [camp] with about 10,000 places,” said head of the Tourist Information Department of the Astana Convention Bureau Rasul Ilimbayev. Some big players in the accommodations industry have been entering the capital prior to the expo. In 2013, the foundation of the Talan Towers was laid. Since then, the Verny Capital group has built two towers. Most of the construction has been completed. One of the towers will hold The Ritz-Carlton Hotel; a business centre will be located in the other. The whole complex is the first green construction in Kazakhstan that uses energy-saving technologies and meets LEED international standards. American company SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP) created the project. The lower three floors are to be a shopping gallery. ( • China launches organised tours of Kazakhstan China has begun tourist tours to Kazakhstan, with the first tour beginning Aug. 6. The tour, organised by the China National Travel Service Group, began by flying 55 Chinese tourists to Astana. A memorandum of cooperation in tourism signed by the leaders of the two countries in December has made such tours possible. This is the first group out of 300 visitors planning to travel to Kazakhstan. According to Xinjiang Deputy Governor Shi Dagang, these tours mark the beginning of an important new stage in the development of tourism between China and Kazakhstan and the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt. ( • PM visits Atyrau fishing industryy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov visited the Caspian Royal Fish commercial sturgeon farm and met with leading representatives of the fishing industry in Atyrau. Among the main issues raised were the threat of extinction of valuable fish species due to the suspension of cleaning works at the Zhaiyk and Kigash rivers, anti-poaching efforts and the fishery inspection staff’s lack of materials and technical equipment.During the meeting, Vice Minister of Agriculture Erlan Nysanbaev, Vice Minister of Finance Ruslan Dalenov, Akim (governor) of the region Nurlan Nogayev and Director of the Zhaiyk-Atyrau sturgeon breeding plant Gilman Sarsemaliyev made reports. Under the Agribusiness 2020 programme, it is planned to increase the annual rate of marketable fish production up to 35,000 tons by 2020. At present, the total number of sturgeons farmed in the company is around 25,000. By the end of 2016, it is planned to sell up to 5 tons of commercial fish and to get at least 200 kilogrammes of sturgeon caviar. Maximum capacity is planned to be reached in 2017. ( • Sportswriter from Kazakhstan gets AIPS award in Rio Well-known sports journalist, writer, trainer and former competitive athlete from Kazakhstan Nesip Zhunusbayev received a special AIPS award in Rio de Janeiro. The International Sports Press Association (AIPS) gave the awards to sports journalists from different countries who had covered 10 or more Olympic Games as of the Games in Rio. “This is a great honour for sports journalists. … It means for us the same as winning the gold for athletes,” Zhunusbayev said. ( • Photo exhibition about Kazakhstan opens in Moscow Kazakhstan’s embassy in Russia and National Geographic Russia Magazine have organised a street photo exhibition on Kazakhstan. The “Land of the Great Steppe” exhibition, opened as of July 21, is in the centre of the Russian capital, on Nickolskaya Street next to the Square of Revolution metro station, and showcases more than 60 photosofthenaturallandscapesofKazakhstan,aswellassignificant comingevents,suchastheWinterUniversiadeinAlmatyandEXPO 2017 in Astana. Chief photographer of National Geographic Russia Andrey Kamenev who spent a month travelling the country created the exhibited photos. Speaking at the opening ceremony, Editor- in-Chief of National Geographic Russia Andrey Palamarchuk noted that the month-long exhibition is also dedicated to the recently presented first issue of National Geographic Kazakhstan, translated into the Kazakh language. He also emphasised that the exhibition is mostly focused on the coming EXPO 2017. The photo exhibition will be open until August 24. ( • Astana hosts teaching job fair Astana hosted a job fair for teachers Aug. 11 in Zhastar (Youth) Palace, which was attended by representatives of preschools, kindergartens, schools and colleges. In total, according to Astana’s Employment Centre, it is planned to arrange 12 job fairs before the end of the year. In July, more than 40 employers attended a similar job fair for college graduates and young people. ( ASTANA CALLING A WEEKLYONLINE PUBLICATION / WWW.MFA.GOV.KZ Please send comments and questions to Calling Astana ASTANA CALLING / ISSUE 469/ 4 Back to Contents