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Concur the travel and expense management provider has given us the insights on the Top 10 most expensive cities for small business travel and which are the two most visited cities in the world! Visit for more information.

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Travel and expense management

  1. 1. Where Small Business Travelers Spend Money Where in the world is the most popular place for small business travelers to dine out, drive in, or hang their hat? Concur took a good look at our travel and expense database to find the top trends in small business travel. Our statistics revealed a peek into the habits of frequent travelers around the globe – where they’re spending money, where they aren’t, and what the state of the industry is at home and overseas. Whereiseveryonegoing? 1 London, United Kingdom 2 Hong Kong 3 Singapore 4 Paris, France 5 Tokyo, Japan 6 Shanghai, China 7 Beijing, China 8 Toronto, Canada 9 Vancouver, Canada 10 Montreal, Canada 1 New York City, New York 2 Chicago, Illinois 3 Las Vegas, Nevada 4 San Francisco, California 5 Washington, D.C. 6 Orlando, Florida 7 Seattle, Washington 8 Boston, Mass 9 San Diego, California 10 Houston,Texas OntheGround FunFacts T&E [Based on the average of both overnight hotel stays and common line item amounts.] $PENDY$POTSTop 10 Most Expensive Cities for Small BusinessTravel [Based on the average cost for lodging, dining and entertainment.] UpintheAir U.S. CITIES 1 New York City, New York 2 Chicago, Illinois 3 Las Vegas, Nevada 4 San Francisco, California 5 Seattle, Washington 6 Washington, D.C. 7 Orlando, Florida 8 Miami, Florida 9 Boston, Massachusetts 10 San Diego, California INTERNATIONAL CITIES 1 London, United Kingdom 2 Tokyo, Japan 3 Hong Kong 4 Paris, France 5 Singapore 6 Beijing, China 7 Shanghai, China 8 Seoul, Republic of Korea 9 Toronto, Canada 10 Vancouver, Canada Average Airfare Costs [and percent change from last year] Australia $778.45 Up 28.07% Canada $489.96 Down 0.13% France $879.29 Up 25.83% Germany $774.61 Up 42.97% Hong Kong $855.16 Down 44.86% India $430.29 Up 17.40% Japan $668.18 Down 49.13% United Kingdom $1104.16 Up 7.47% United States $394.59 Up 5.72% The information in this report is based on an analysis of a subset of T&E expense report data from Concur derived from companies with 100 or fewer employees. For year-over- year data, Concur compared 2011 spend data to comparable analysis from 2010. All data used to compile this report is anonymous and aggregated, so that no specific company or personal identifiable information is ever used. Sources: Concur T&E Spend Report For more on Concur: © Concur, 2012 NewYork City and London are two of the most visited cities in the world. Need to hail a cab or book some ground transportation? Expect to pay as little as $17.33 in Beijing but as much as $61.62 in Mississauga, Canada. Mississauga, Canada $61.62Beijing $17.33 Airfare up 42.97% Expect to spend $240.57 a night in Australia, which saw an increase of 15.40% in lodging from last year. G’day? G’night! The average cost for dining out in France was $44.37, an increase of 9.46%. Oui oui! U.S. CITIES INTERNATIONAL CITIES MOS T VISITED C ITIESMOS T VISITED C ITIES 10 TOP Bring extra EUR. DRIVE THE HIGH $576.49 in Beijing, China $40.83 in Singapore THE LOW Average Car Rental Costs EAT THE HIGH $44.99 in Singapore $23.00 Seoul, Republic of Korea THE LOW Average Dining Costs SLEEP THE HIGH $265.38 in London, United Kingdom $129.77 in Orlando, Florida THE LOW Average Lodging Costs UP 15.40% Germany had the highest increase in airfare of 42.97% from last year. The average cost of a plane ticket is $$774.61. Germany