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  1. 1. The big earthquake of Chile s1180132 Kyugo Katsuta
  2. 2. INDEX・ Big earthquake of Chile・ The damage of earthquake・ The damage of Santiago・ The US Geological Survey・ Chile is highly Vulnerable・ Reference
  3. 3. Big earthquake of ChileThe big earthquake which magnitude is 8.8 ishappened in Chile and many buildings are collapsed.And electricity, phone line, water is cut. Two millionpeople are affected by this earthquake. The bigwave is observed at several pacific countries afterthe big earthquake.
  4. 4. The damage of earthquakeHawaii later lifted its tsunami warning but don’t havedamage. The earthquake struck at 115km north-eastof the city of Concepcion and 325km south-west ofthe capital Santiago. This is the biggest earthquakefor Chile in 50 years. At least 85 people died in theregion of Maule alone and many people were died inthe regions of Santiago, O’Hggins, Biobio, Araucaniaand Valparaiso.
  5. 5. The damage of SantiagoSantiago have a lots ofdamage. Many buildingsare damaged and chemicalplants in the outskirts of thecapital are fired. Tsunamiwaves reached the JuanFernandez island groupand five people died thereand several others aremissing.
  6. 6. The US Geological SurveyIn Washington, President Barack Obama decides tohelp Chilean government. The US Geological Survey(USGS) said the earthquake is happened at a depthof about 35km. After the main shock, at least eightaftershocks are observed and the largest of 6.9magnitude at 0801 GMT. Tsunami had beenobserved at Valparaiso, west of Santiago, with awave height of 1.69m above normal sea level by theUSGS.
  7. 7. Chile is highly vulnerableIn the city of Temuco, 600km south of Santiago,many people there had lefttheir homes. Chile is highlyvulnerable to earthquakesbecause Chile is near theRing of Fire which is on theedge of the Pacific andSouth American plates.
  8. 8. Reference