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Tips and Tricks in Kyriba


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If the most important reason for coming to Kyriba Live! is to learn about new capabilities and new ways of using Kyriba, then this is the session for you! Kyriba product experts will recap the Tips and Tricks from Kyriba Live 2018 and offer you their new all time favorite features that we are betting you don't know about.

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Tips and Tricks in Kyriba

  1. 1. Tips & Tricks Thomas Gavaghan Michael Macalle 2
  2. 2. Tips & Tricks 1. Dual admin custom notification 2. Export / Import core data 3. Credit line - tiered fees 4. Credit line – regenerate 5. Process template – batch modification Available in 19.1 6. Calendar – new UI, copy/paste and import 7. Export / Import users 8. Import multiple attachments 9. Cash accounting – 5 free text fields 10. Periodic loan – one time fees & multiple calendars 3
  3. 3. Customized Dual Admin Email Notification • Ability to customized the email notification for dual admin request • Insert Kyriba variable that dynamically changes with each request • Different letters can be sent to the administrator and the requestor 4 Email sent to the admin Email response to the requestor
  4. 4. Export / Import Core Data • Ability to export core data from sandbox to production • Available for company, bank, bank branch, account & transaction code 5 1. Select values to exported 2. Select menu – export 3. Retrieve file from task monitor 1. Select menu - import 2. Select file and upload
  5. 5. Credit Line – Tiered Fees • Ability to setup tiered non-utilization and utilized credit line fees. 6 • $100M credit facility • Tiered utilization fees • Up to and including $25M - 0.125% fee • Between $25M and up to including $50M - 0.15% fee • Between $50M and up to including $75M - 0.175% fee • Over $75M - 0.2% fee
  6. 6. Credit Line – Regenerate Schedule • Ability to extend an existing credit using regenerate from 7 Credit line ends on 4/30/2019 Check extend credit line and enter new end date and regenerate the schedule
  7. 7. Process Template – Batch Modification • Ability to run batch modification on authorized users 8 • Check off templates to be modified and select menu batch modification • Check off the modify box and update the selection
  8. 8. Calendar – Import / Copy-paste • Ability to import multiple calendar • Ability to copy/paste dates into calendar • New user interface 9 Redesigned user interface with the ability to copy/paste dates Upload multiple calendar using a spreadsheet and data exchange
  9. 9. Export / Import User • Ability to export and import users 10 1. Check off user to export and select menu export 2. Modify data for the new user being imported 3. In Define user select import in menu 4. New users will appear
  10. 10. Import multiple attachments • Ability to multiple attachments in a zip file 11 Filename is the Kyriba code followed by # and the file description Zip file is uploaded and will attached to the corresponding account
  11. 11. Accounting - 5 Free text fields • Cash & Financial accounting have 5 free text fields added 12 Free text fields in GL scheme that can use mapping rule, same value as previous GL entry, fixed value or scanning rule as the method Mapping rules have 5 free text fields for additional data
  12. 12. Periodic loan – One time fees & multiple calendars • One time fees will be included in the schedule and can be settled into the payment module 13 • Multiple calendars can be added to financial transactions • Ability to add user defined one-time fee types
  13. 13. THANK YOU • Thomas Gavaghan – Global Presales Director • Michael Macalle – Partner Enablement Architect 14