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Introduction to Kyriba for Prospective Clients


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This session is designed specifically for organizations who are considering Kyriba and have not implemented Kyriba. Long time Kyriba client, Manny Martinez of Rockefeller Group, will present "a typical treasury day at Rockefeller" supported by the use of Kyriba and will include what pending users need to know about approaching an implementation of Kyriba, what benefits users of the system should expect to see, and how to continually improve your use of treasury technology.

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Introduction to Kyriba for Prospective Clients

  1. 1. Introduction to Kyriba for Prospective Clients Manuel (Manny) Martinez 2
  2. 2. 3 This Session • I am a Kyriba user for 5 years. Main Kyriba user out of 4 person Treasury Department. • This will be a High Level / SLOW / LIVE Demo showing actual, sensitive data and asks that you not discuss or take pictures of what you see. • Please feel free to ask questions as this is meant to be an very casual, interactive session. • I am NOT a Professional Speaker • I am NOT an expert and there may be more than one way to view or do things
  3. 3. 4 My Setup • 9 Banks. Chase is main bank handling 99% of activity. 145 Accts • 8 Automatic BAI Interfaces from Chase during the day. 1 PD and 7 CD. • I MANUALLY upload 2 BAI files (Capital One and MUFG) • Our IT Dept. are the SAs and they control Kyriba entitlements • I have 4 In House Bank silos • We have RCF, CP, MM, TD, L/Cs, FX, MTGs, Swaps • I have the following modules: • Cash & Forecasting, Payments, Investments, Debt, In House Bank, and GL Reconciliation
  4. 4. 5 Payments • EFT form required internally • A/P is main payer and uploads ACH and WIREs from People Soft daily • 2 Kyriba users needed to release EFTs. 1 inputs + 1 releases • Kyriba user dollar limit controls • Most users have <$1MM • Only 2 have >= $1MM not to exceed $25MM. When needed IT SAs will increase with an approved form • WIRE Acknowledgements with Fed Ref Nos. from Kyriba • Review CD / EFT Dashboard
  5. 5. • 1 MAIN Concentration Acct with 80 sub accounts that ZBA • Kyriba keeps track of daily balances • Kyriba can charge daily interest income or interest expense • Use Mapping Rules • Batch Modification processes • Monthly process • Post to People Soft • Use Mapping Rules 6 In House Bank G/L Reconciliation
  6. 6. Logon Printscreen Dual Authentication • 8 Digit Code sent to your cell phone • Input code to enter system 7
  7. 7. 8 Let’s GO LIVE!
  8. 8. Thank you for your time. Grab me later tonight to chat some more. Please let Remy and your sales contact know if this presentation was helpful. Enjoy the rest of Kyriba Live and Las Vegas! Manny Martinez 9