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Implementing a Global Payments Program


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Implementing payments can be one of the most challenging phases of a treasury project due to the connectivity technology, file formats, bank systems, multiple project teams, and country-specific regulations. Amway and Amazon will discuss their payments projects, how they use their treasury management solution to support their organizations' payment programs, and how they have designed treasury management solution workflows to optimize productivity and control.

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Implementing a Global Payments Program

  1. 1. 2 Implementing a Global Payments Program
  2. 2. 3 Nerds run the world… and pay the bills. - Anonymous
  3. 3. 4 Diverse number of accounts with 100+/- banks…over 40 currencies 17,000 employees globally… 50 Global Treasury Team Members in 6 locations $9BAnnual Global Sales across 100+territories & countries Multiple Kyriba users across 6modules Who are we?
  4. 4. Transformation Strategy 5
  5. 5. 6 Payment Channel Legacy Systems Global ERP’s Manual Payments Phone Fax Manual Upload Straight through processing Email Courier Additionally:  Some flat files not secured  Requires IT resources to comply with each bank’s integration method  Requires IT resources to format the file in the bank accepted format (large initiative to maintain and remap files) 300+ bank interfaces globally with multiple file formats Establishing the Strategy: Current State
  6. 6. Establishing the Strategy: Future State Additionally:  Strengthen controls by reducing human intervention  Streamline bank account reconciliations  Reduce file translation dependencies on internal IT resources  Single global solution to consolidate bank connectivity 7 Streamlined automated payment processing Global ERP’s Remaining Legacy Systems Manual Payments Kyriba Platform
  7. 7. The Journey: In the beginning 8 • Decrease Amway managed connections to banks • Specific payments (vendor, bonus, employee reimbursement) Define Goal & Scope • Functional users for each operating entity • IT support • ERP developers • System Architects Early Collaboration • Meet early & often • Know your systems • Country specifics • Know your parameters • Testing, Testing, Testing • Onsight Kyriba support and dedicated bank support Project Team & Tasks
  8. 8. The Journey so far: 9 • AP • Treasury • Bonus ~100 users in 5 centers • Treasury Transfers • ACH • Domestic Wires Processing 50k transactions per month • Non-inventory vendor payments, employee reimbursements • Distributor bonus payments • Inventory vendor payments From three source systems • International Wires • Checks • Mobile Wallet
  9. 9. Challenges & Benefits 10 Challenges  Development needs and timing to implement developments  Project team members and standardized project management approach  Who owns the formats and potential regulatory changes? Benefits  Meeting our goal of standardizing our efficiencies & minimizing the number of bank connections  Strengthen our internal controls  Build a stronger partnership with Kyriba
  10. 10. THANK YOU 11 • Jennifer Bowerman, CTP Global Treasury Programs & Planning •