Verses from ancient drama


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Verses from ancient drama

  1. 1. Crossroads over the Aegeanhuman soul remain the same through centuries and borders. Armenio high school – Suat Terimer Anadolu Lisesi 2011 - 2013
  2. 2. Greek nature and verses fromGreek ancient drama and epic poetry
  3. 3. O ever-blazing sun! O ever-blazing sun! O lightning of the eternal Sire! Can ye behold this done And tamely hide your all-avenging fire? Electra , Sophocles
  4. 4. Speeding to the brazen heaven … Now the sun arose and left the lovely mere, speeding to the brazen heaven, to give light to the immortals and to mortal men on the earth, the graingiver .. Odyssey ,Homer rapsody 3
  5. 5. Ray of the sun … Ray of the sun, fairest light of all those shining on seven-gated Thebes, at last you appeared, O eyes of golden day, coming over the streams of Dirce . Antigone , Sophocles
  6. 6. There beneath the trees … There beneath the trees Sleeping they lay, like wild things flung at ease In the forest ; one half sinking on a bed of deep pine greenery ; one with careless head Amid the fallen oak leaves ; Bacchae , Euripides
  7. 7. the forests loneliness… All most cold In purity not as thy tale was told Of wine-cups and wild music and the chase For love amid the forests loneliness. Bacchae , Euripides
  8. 8. the unharvested sea … Then he sped along the wave like the cormorant, that chaseth the fishes through the perilous gulfs of the unharvested sea, and wetteth his thick plumage in the brine Odyssey , Homer book 5
  9. 9. Harbouring in caves … Through woodland caverns deep And oer the rocky steep Harbouring in caves he roams the wild alone, With none to share his moan. Oedipus king ,Sophocles .
  10. 10. Fleet through the salt sea-air … Come from the drift, the rock-ridge, the glen! Leaving the mountain bare Fleet through the salt sea-air, Mover of dances to Gods and to men. Aias , Sophocles
  11. 11. those dark dancing rocks … Oh how I wish that ship , the Argo had never sailed off to the land of Colchis, past the Symplegades, those dark dancing rocks which smash boats sailing through the Hellespont. Medea ,Euripides
  12. 12. Thus the whole day passed … Thus the whole day passed long till the setting of the sun they feasted, nor did their heart lack anything of the equal feast, nor of the beauteous lyre, that Apollo held … Iliad , Homer 1st rapsody
  13. 13. The end