A greek high school student week


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Η εβδομάδα ενός μαθητή του Λυκείου Αρμενίου Λάρισας .A student's week

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A greek high school student week

  1. 1. A Greek high school student week School – private lessons – sleep and thank God there is Saturday !!
  2. 2. A Tuesday more or less similar to other weekdays !!Tuesday is a special but fatiguing day , at the same time .Getting up a 07.30 , get dressed , breakfast and biking to school .Our lessons program is rather pleasant and I don’t realize that hours keep on going very quickly.Teachers and students use their sense of humor to make lessons joyful and pleasant.During breaks , school corridors and yard are full of students talking to each other ( rather loud , though !! ) , youngsters running and teasing each other , you can hear laughs , and generally , there is a happy atmosphere .Nevertheless , my preferable lesson is Gymnastics !! We go to our Gymnasium , where we can enjoy physical training and be physical !!keeping ourselves in good shape.Our ‘’batteries’’ are full now !!13.40 p.m. the school bell rings : lessons finish.On the way home , I keep on organizing the rest day .There is much homework to do!!Lunch hour , at home !!15.00 – 17.00 p.m. studying my private lessons homework .17.00 p.m. I have to leave now , music lessons !!18.30 – 19.45 p.m. return at home and do some physical training .20.00 – 22.00 pm. private lessons with a young lady teacher , very interesting .22.00 – 23.30 p.m. school homework .23.30 p.m. : I am exhausted !! a shower and I can’t wait to get in my bed !!!
  3. 3. ANOTHER TYPICAL WEEK DAY Every day is different , nevertheless , the daily routine keeps on going .• 06.45 a.m. wake up and get dressed up .• 07.20 a.m. walk to my village bus station to catch the school bus .• 07.50 a.m. arrival at school . I enter school , leave my school bag and wait for my• friend Chara.• 08.10 a.m. the bell ring !! gathering for the daily prayer and let’s start the lessons .• 13.40 p.m. lessons finish .Time to go home .• 14.00 p.m. lunch and siesta.• 17.00 p.m. due to hard economic situation of my parents ,• I teach a primary school girl how to do her home work ,• so ,I gain my pocket money .• 18.30 p.m. return home and do my own home work.• 21.00 p.m. TV time• 22.00 p.m. time to go to bed !!
  4. 4. Another weekday at school• 06.45 a.m. : wake up !! get dressed !! a cup of milk and I have to go to school.• 07.30 a.m. : school bus takes my schoolmates and me at school ,passing through four other villages.• 07.50 a.m.: arrival at school. School is warm and has an odor of hotel breakfast , because of the school• canteen preparing : cheese pies , hot ( and cold ) sandwiches , fresh bread and other delicatessen .• 08.10 a.m. : school bell is ringing .Morning pray and entering in our classrooms.• A good reason to enter classroom is my buddies !!• my close friends ,with whom ,I can share my thoughts .• 08.55 a.m. : first break !! let’s get something to eat from the school canteen .• What a queue !! My goodness !! everybody is hungry .Hours pass !! Perhaps ,I am getting bored during some lessons but others are interesting and catchy !! 12.55 p.m. : today I have only six school hours lessons , so I can enjoy my mates• waiting for the school bus to get me home .• 14.30 p.m. : lunch at home .• 16.00 – 18.00 p.m. :private lessons .• 18.00 – 19.00 p.m. : "ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JACK A DULL BOY." ,• as Jack Nicolson repeated at the Cubric’s ‘’ Shining’’, so , we can enjoy a cup of coffee• or a refreshment with our friends , before going back home to continue studying .• 19.00 – 21.00 p.m. : school lessons homework.• 21.00 – 23.00 p.m. : watching TV• 23.00 p.m. : Good night !! I am going to sleep now !!
  5. 5. SATURDAY !!My dear diaryIt’s hard to describe how anxious I am , waiting for Saturday and Sunday. Thank God , there is Saturday afternoon to get some rest and relax , since on Sunday schools and frontistirion ( private lessons ) are out for the week – end . Actually on both Saturday and Sunday , many working hours will keep me sitting on my chair , studying again and again texts of ancient Greek and Roman philosophers and historians .Who can abandon these ‘’friends ‘’ ? Plato , Aristotle , Cicero etc ?The point is the more difficult the text , the more intrigue and interesting it is !!The more we study , the most we realize the wealth of ancient classic spirit .We feel so rich to have this spiritual wealth and this legacy in our books. As a matter of fact , I feel curious to know more and more about their texts and I keep on searching by myself , through libraries and the net .On the other hand , it’s Saturday evening !! I have to get dressed and meet my friends for our Saturday night fever !!!I am kidding !! the way , we pass our free time on Saturday night is talking and perhaps sometimes a little dance !!• Wish you all your week – ends to be as pleasant as ours !!
  6. 6. Armenio high school