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Supersize me

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Supersize me

  1. 1. Film maker, Morgan Spurlock created the documentary Supersize Me in 2003. Spurlock, is a physically above averaged 32-year-old man. Spurlock is also a nutritionist and personal. Before he started his special diet, he weighed one hundred eighty five pounds. He consumed three meals a day, breakfast,lunch, and dinner. Eating food that is not from McDonald’s is strictly prohibited. After five days, Spurlock had already gained five pounds, making his weight 195 pounds. By twenty-one days, Spurlock was having heart palpitations. By the end of the thirty day challenge, Spurlock had eaten 90 meals, which is equivalent to eating McDonald’s once a month for eight years. During these thirty days, Spurlock gained almost twenty pounds, he suffered from depression, mood swings, and chest palpitations. The documentary that I watched is called Supersize Me. This documentary is by Morgan Spurlock. Every day, for 30 consecutive days, he ate over 5,000 calories of McDonald’s foods, his caloric intake was between two and three times the limit for adult males. Spurlock claimed that he only ate three meals a day, but actually he ate about six meals and snacks. The point of this documentary was to prove how bad McDonald’s is for your body. But what many didn’t know was that Spurlock stopped exercising on purpose. In this documentary, Spurlock claimed that McDonald’s uses beef from cows that have been fed the ground-up remaining’s of other cows. In his book, that is a counter-part of this documentary, he listed no sources for that accusation. Many of Spurlock’s accusations turned out to be false, and the activities during his practice of eating McDonald’s for 30 days turned out to be a hoax. I really liked this documentary. I t opened my mind more about the dangers and health issues of eating fast foods, especially McDonald’s. It made me realize that the foods that one would buy from McDonald’s are not always what they seem to be. They might look like delicious, juicy, pieces of meat on a nice firm bun but they are simple not. Did you know that McDonald’s chicken nuggets are not actually made of chicken meats? No, it is chicken that has been grounded and mixed with pink slime. This documentary has made me not want to eat from McDonald’s ever again in my life.
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