Discovery Day 2014: CAD


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How to use Photoshop and Design Thinking to create a Mood Board for Monsoon (a leading high street retailer) for Spring/ Summer 2016.

Content created for the 2014 Discovery Day for the department of Design, Fashion and Business, University of Manchester.

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Discovery Day 2014: CAD

  1. 1. Design with Photoshop Mood Boards for Fashion Design
  2. 2. Create a Mood Board that will inspire the designers at Monsoon for Spring/ Summer 2016
  3. 3. The Mood Board Photoshop Skills Mood Board Creation Next Steps
  4. 4. – Garner & McDonagh-Philp (2001) “Mood boards are a collection of visual images (e.g. photographs, material samples) gathered together to represent an emotional response to a design brief”
  5. 5. “Designers may use [Mood Boards] to communicate intangible and abstract emotions such as happiness, sadness, and calm. [Mood Boards] can also be an internal process for designers to support them in clarifying and interpreting their own understanding of the design brief and the wider implications of the design project.” – McDonagh et al. (2002)
  6. 6. Images Art Clothes from Monsoon’s collection Random inspirational images Text Inspirational Quotes Mission Statements
  7. 7. Does it make you Feel like you want the brand to Feel Is it Clear? Does it have a Wide Range of content?
  8. 8. The Mood Board Photoshop Skills
  9. 9. Insert Images Resize/ Rotate Layers Cut Out Elements Add Text
  10. 10. The Mood Board Photoshop Skills Mood Board Creation
  11. 11. TASK 1: What is the Monsoon Brand all about?
  12. 12. Bohemien Adults Holiday Feminine Always Summer Colourful Vibrant Natural Textures & Colours Environmental Aware (nature loving)
  13. 13. TASK 2: Summarise The Key Trends for Spring/Summer 2016 Past Modern Eco Active Soft Pop Deep Summer
  14. 14. Fashion Trends Brand Image Communicated Feelings
  15. 15. Find a collection of Images and Text that you can use to Communicate Monsoon’s brand. Image Collections on Website Save all to a folder
  16. 16. TASK: Using Photoshop, create a Mood Board for Monsoon
  17. 17. TASK 1: Stand up and move to a different computer, put a sticky note on the screen to describe what you think is being communicated TASK 2: Move back to your desk, read the note. How would you improve your mood board?
  18. 18. The Mood Board Photoshop Skills Mood Board Creation Next Steps
  19. 19. GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program
  20. 20. GIMP design/gimp_video_tutorials/ Phototshop photoshop-tutorials/
  21. 21. The End Mood Boards for Fashion Design
  22. 22. Admin Stuff
  23. 23. Dr Chris Parker
  24. 24. Garner, S. & McDonagh-Philp, D., 2001. Problem Interpretation and Resolution via Visual Stimuli: The Use of “Mood Boards” in Design Education. International Journal of Art Design Education, 20(1), pp.57–64. McDonagh, D., Bruseberg, A. & Haslam, C., 2002. Visual product evaluation: exploring users’ emotional relationships with products. Applied Ergonomics, 33(3), pp.231–240