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ELC2019 - Poster - Update Anything


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This is the poster we present at ELC 2019 North America in San Diego about opensource frameworks to handle the complete pipeline of a SW update for embedded devices.

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ELC2019 - Poster - Update Anything

  1. 1. CE Workgroup Linux Foundation / Embedded Linux Conference Technical Showcase What is demonstrated What was improved Source code or detail technical information availabilityHardware Information SWUpdate, hawkBit, UFactory: update anything Diego Rondini, Nicola La Gloria / Kynetics – Stefano Babic / DENX SWUpdate: hawkBit and Update Factory : hawkBit server platform to manage & deliver software updates SWUpdate software update framework for embedded Linux Boundary Devices’ Nitrogen8M Toradex Apalis i.MX8Q • Defines .swu update file format • Secure: support for signing and encryption • Multiple storage types support (eMMC, NAND, NOR, …) • Multiple fetch options: local storage, remote file, integrated webserver, remote backend • Device and software repository • Artifact content delivery • Rollout management Advantages of using SWUpdate and Update Factory together with hawkBit: ● Flexibility: they cover embedded Linux and Android projects ● Security: multiple authentication options through secure communication channel, server and client side ● Multiple Update types: can be used to manage application updates or full OS updates ● Rollout management: scheduled deployments of updates to groups of heterogeneous devices ● Device Updates Types: single copy and dual copy • Open Source Embedded Android service • Apk updates, OS Single copy and A/B updates • Fully integrated with hawkBit APIs • Integrated with Android Studio for rapid deployment Update Factory embedded Android update agent