Who is Texas Trane?


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Who is Texas Trane?

  1. 1. Spotlight on TraneTrane Commercial SystemsClimate Solutions Webinar SeriesBrand Overview 1 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  2. 2. A History of Innovations 1958 Trane settles 1885 1938 in Europe James Trane Turbovac: 1984launches a plumbing Trane business First hermetic 1978 centrifugal unit Trane enters acquired by Energy American Management, Standard Inc. Controls and 1923 BAS business The convector radiator replaces cast iron radiators 1913 1931 2008 James & his son Trane’s Trane is acquired Reuben incorporated first air by the Trane Company conditioning unit was 1925 promoted: 1982 the Trane 1950s TODAY Trane Trane unitary or Trane acquires Graduate Unit Cooler. the central air Trane has 700+ self contained Engineer conditioning LEED Accredited air conditioning Training department of Professionals units for Program commercial use General Electric 2 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  3. 3. Ingersoll Rand Brands Residential Climate Industrial Security Solutions Solutions Technologies Technologies Transport Refrigeration andTrane and American Standard Transport HVAC Air Solutions, Tools, Mechanical and Residential HVAC Energy Systems and Electronic Locks Material Handling Multiple Brands Exit Devices, Door Closers, Biometric Access Control, Integrated Systems Home security Trane Commercial Systems Golf Cars and Utility Vehicles 3 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  4. 4. The Trane Brand  Our brand We make buildings work better for life  For the life of the building  For the lives of the people inside it  Our story Every building has a purpose and for every building’s purpose there’s Trane  Our brand character Engaging, expert, committed 4 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  5. 5. The Trane Brand: Serving the Globe  We do business through 400 locations around the world  We have 25,000 Trane associates in 60 countries  We have 24 manufacturing locations in:  Brazil  China  Egypt  France  Malaysia  Mexico  Thailand  U.S. 5 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  6. 6. The Trane Brand: Serving you locally  We do business locally through 6 sales offices and 9 parts stores in the state of Texas.  We have over 460 Trane associates in Texas to serve your needs  Trane Texas was started in Dallas in the 1930s. 6 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  7. 7. What We DeliverTrane offers reliable, state-of-the-art energy-efficient systemsthat deliver comfort for commercial buildings and homes. Proven Expertise Innovation Customer Focus Leadership in energy Customers see us as trustedSkilled, resourceful people advisors efficient technologyQuality Value ChoiceCommitment to outstanding Working to deliverquality Comprehensive products, the lowest total cost systems & services of ownership
  8. 8. Total Lifecycle Solutions Renovate andDesign Install Operate Modernize Trane provides systems and services for the full life of the building 8 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  9. 9. Improved Performance withIntegrated Systems  High performance/energy efficiency options  Low Temperature/Low Flow Chilled Water Systems  Thermal storage  Upgraded RTU/VAV offices and schools  Geothermal systems  EarthWise Systems from Trane combine:  Leading, high efficiency equipment  Tracer Building Controls  Trane Applications insight  Deliver higher overall energy efficiency & lower emissions, with sustainable, documented performance 9 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  10. 10. HVAC Systems LeadershipGlobal Chiller Platform Air Cooled  Description o 15 – 130 ton air-cooled scroll chillers  Customer benefits o Achieves a premium balance of high Water Cooled energy efficiency and low noise o Ease of use with respect to installation, commissioning, and servicing o Increased ability to gain LEED points Centrifugal for certification 10 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  11. 11. Trane High Performance BuildingsTrane High Performance Buildingsprovides organizations the support theyneed to achieve their operational goals Offers quantifiable results that are directly linked to business and operational goals Based on principles that allow owners to manage property as an asset Creates long-term relationships with partners with sustainable performance that’s regularly measured against pre-set standards Factor in evolving technologies including renewable energy sources 11 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  12. 12. HVAC Systems LeadershipControls Portfolio  Web enabled o Meets market expectations for easy access from any PC on the web  Open standard protocol support o Easy integration of Trane controls into the customer’s environment  Modular/scalable platform o Increased competitiveness and access to more markets  Wireless sensors and communications o Cost, convenience, comfort, confidence  HVAC system applications o Building on established HVAC system applications expertise 12 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  13. 13. Trane Building Services• Full portfolio of lifecycle and energy management services• Extensive global capabilities – 250+ Service Locations – 4,300+ factory-trained and certified service professionals – Approx. 700 LEED accredited engineers• Changing the services game through innovative offerings o Trane Intelligent Services • Off-site Monitoring Options • Building Performance Package • Custom Monitoring Options o Storm Tracker 13 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  14. 14. HVAC Parts & Supplies• Description: o 164 retail outlets: provide HVAC parts, supplies and small equipment o Customers: mechanical contractors, HVAC technicians, wholesalers and Climate Solutions service and equipment businesses• Customer benefits: o Relationships via Parts Associate expert as a trusted advisor and business partner o Learning, knowledge transfer and training center o Product availability and convenience o Localized solutions provider and productivity 14 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  15. 15. Vertical Markets  Educational  Government  Healthcare  Lodging & Entertainment  Retail  Offices  Life Sciences  Restaurants  Industrial 15 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  16. 16. Vertical Markets  Educational o Improve Interior Air Quality (IAQ) to reduce absenteeism o Reduce operating costs by improving energy, operational and maintenance efficiency  Government o High efficiency, low emissions equipment to meet environmental requirements o Improve facility management through user-friendly controls and service contracts  Healthcare o Maintain high level of patient comfort through integrated comfort systems o Reduce energy and operating costs while increasing productivity of operation and maintenance staff  Lodging & Entertainment o Meeting comfort needs for diverse zones through facility control systems with unit controllers o Maintenance and service programs offering unparalleled reliability and support
  17. 17. Vertical Markets  Retail o Optimize shopping and dining environments with improved Interior Air Quality o Reduce energy and operating costs; increase productivity with user- friendly control systems  Offices o Energy-efficient HVAC systems and controls that reduce energy and operating costs o Support Green building initiatives with environmentally responsible technologies  Life Science o FDA compliance-enabled systems help get approvals impacting ROI o Reliable equipment, systems and services for critical process cooling and heating applications  Restaurants o Sophisticated systems to achieve comfort needs while optimizing kitchen and dining environments o User-friendly controls to improve facility management and minimize distractions
  18. 18. CustomersArchitects• Helping bring out the life in a design• Enhancing the vision, not restricting it• Offering green, efficient comfort Consulting Engineers • Offering best-in-class efficiency • Providing the tools to o Analyze building o Size HVAC system o Simulate performance • Supporting every design with the right products and the right tools 18 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  19. 19. CustomersContractors• Helping finish on time and on budget• Delivering as promised• Ensuring ready, fast parts availability• Providing authoritative support Building Owners/Managers • Systems to minimize costs • Services to keep efficiency high and costs low • Financial decision makers • Helping ensure tenant satisfaction • Maintain a high level of o Performance o Reliability o Energy efficiency 19 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  20. 20. Innovations Geothermal System At the heart of this unique heating and cooling system is the RTWD chiller, which can control to precise heating or cooling system needs. This system also uses an innovative, patent- pending piping configuration and control strategy developed by Trane, which is key to enabling the systems premium energy performance.High Efficiency Air HandlersThe Performance Climate Changer ™ Catalytic Air Cleaneris the next generation of Trane air Hospitals and laboratories are benefiting from the new Tranehandlers, designed to optimize HVAC Catalytic Air Cleaner, a breakthrough technology that uses threesystem performance by delivering different technologies – the MERV 13 filtration system, whichindustry leading energy efficiency, captures large particles; the ultraviolet germicidal irradiationenhanced option flexibility and system, which prevents microorganisms from reproducing; andimproved indoor air quality. the photocatalytic oxidation system, which eliminates volatile organic compounds and small biologicals – to deliver superior indoor air quality. Energy Efficient Chillers The CGAM Air-Cooled Scroll Chiller achieves high levels of energy efficiency while operating at low sound levels. It is designed to facilitate easy and quick installation as well as enhanced serviceability for long-lasting performance.Chilled Beams with Factory-Installed ControlsTrane chilled beams with integrated Trane ZN controller, model BAC Flexible Rooftop Systemsare an adaptable and cost-efficient way to provide effective cooling, or IntelliPak II VAV systems can lowercooling and heating, in a variety of applications while achieving both initial and operating costs whilesignificant energy savings. Factory-installed controls allow for a fast, offering higher efficiencies, more filtertrouble-free set-up. options to pursue LEED points, and 20 integrated system control capabilities Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview for better comfort.
  21. 21. Innovations Sophisticated Controls Tracer ES™ software management tool and Tracer™ SC web-based system controller support open standard protocols and help reduce energy costs, installation costs, and improve tenant comfort. Intelligent Services Applications Trane Intelligent Services provides customers off-site monitoring services through our Trane Intelligent Services Center (ISC). When coupled with proactive diagnostic and corrective analysis, the Building Performance Package helps reduce emergency and redundant services call and improve technician opportunity. Trane eView ™ New web-based energy management solution collects and processes energy consumption data to provide visibility, analysis and compliance tracking and reporting for customers. This software application offers insight into energy use, cost and environmental performance at the organizational, portfolio, campus and individual building levels. Justification of ServicesVariable Water Flow System Value-based approach to services thatThis systems is a newly designed, digital air-cooled water helps customer with their decision-system that uses water as heat transfer media – meaning making process through validation ofthere’s no refrigeration in the occupied space. It delivers the economic value of services. Thissuperior indoor comfort, excellent energy efficiency and provides the tangible financial benefitsflexible and easy installation. All done with the clean of service agreements.power of water. 21 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  22. 22. Ready for the FutureAs the world looks for new energy alternatives, Traneengineers are developing the technologies that will enablebuilding owners to use existing and new renewable energysources to heat and cool their buildings.At Trane, we are focused on the discovery and application ofsystems and services solutions that will contribute to thewellbeing and success of people all over the world. 22 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview
  23. 23. Thank You Any Questions?23 Trane Commercial Systems Brand Overview