Safety switches – save lives; Nashcom Electrical


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Nashcom Electrical Sunshine Coast & Caloundra Electricians and Electrical Contractors installing safety switches

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Safety switches – save lives; Nashcom Electrical

  1. 1. Safety Switches –SAVE LIVESIs your safety switch safe?
  2. 2. Why do I need a safety switch?• Safety switches can protect against the most frequent cause of electrocution – from electrical current passing through the body to earth.• Safety switches are designed to cut the supply of electricity in a fraction of a second when a harmful level of electricity is detected leaking to earth.• Things that could lead to electrical accidents include: • a faulty appliance or power tool • damage to an electrical cable • lack of maintenance • unsafe practices
  3. 3. What do I do if the safetyswitch turns off the power?• Firstly – CALL a licenced and experienced Electrician like Nashcom Electrical (5292 4887 or after hours 0438 044 257)• Often times this is caused by a faulty appliance. You need to determine which appliance has caused the safety switch to operate – we can walk you through this process
  4. 4. How do I know if I have asafety switch?• Safety switches have been compulsory for power point circuits in all new Queensland homes since July 1992. This means many Queensland homes already have a safety switch installed which protects most of the power point circuits. However, safety switches may be missing from homes built before that time.• If you are unsure – contact us on 5492 4887 or 0438 044 257
  5. 5. I have a circuit breaker, is thatthe same?• Safety switches and circuit breakers or fuses do different things. Safety switches help protect people from electrocution, where as circuit breakers and fuses primarily protect only electrical equipment.• Nashcom Electrical recommends householders consider the installation of permanent safety switches on all electrical circuits by us as licensed electrical contractors to ensure the safety of your home.
  6. 6. The best advice ….• Never attempt to do your own electrical work• It’s dangerous, illegal, and can be fatal• Always get a licensed electrical contractor to do any• electrical work• Call Us – 5492 4887 or 0438 044 257••