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Kyle piurkowski adv420 presentation

  1. 1. TheChrysler Connection By: Kyle Piurkowski
  2. 2. Outline Introduction: Who are we? What do we want? Target Audience The Big Idea Key Performance Indicators Tools and Tactics Budget Summary
  3. 3. Introduction:Who are we? What do we want? Chrysler is one of the largest car companies in the world. In order to properly market themselves, they need to have a very diverse digital strategy to match up with their large array of products. Chrysler owns Jeep, Dodge, Fiat, and Chrysler all of which need their own similar, but unique digital strategy. Our campaign is designed to expose all of Chrysler’s brands thoroughly, but also appeal to more of the younger generation.
  4. 4. Target AudienceOur main focus for this campaign is at young adults. We chose this group for acouple of reasons:  The first reason is because we believe that young adults view Chrysler as an “older” brand of cars. When they think of a car they would like to purchase, they think of brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc. We need to have them think of Chrysler as one of their top choices. It will be our job to expose young adults to Chrysler car brands, such as Jeep, Fiat, and Dodge, that have a very slick, unique look to them.  The second reason is, is that we know young adults are all on some type of budget. We will appeal to the young adults by informing them that Chrysler makes their cars very affordable for any budget.
  5. 5. The Big IdeaThe big idea we have created is to promote Chrysler bydoing monthly give-a-ways through Twitter. We believe byusing a prominent social media outlet such as Twitter, we willbe able to reach more young adults compared to usingFacebook. It will require people to use the hashtag:#MyChryslerWhip to be eligible to win various Chryslerapparel and even a car. This will in turn put Chrysler’s nameout there through apparel and prizes, but also at the click ofa button through Twitter.
  6. 6. Key Performance Indicators Our campaign will be designed so that our key performance indicators will be able to show us if this campaign is on the right track or not. The goals of our campaign:  expose Chrysler and the brands it encompasses  increase sales  increase our customer base
  7. 7. Key Performance Indicators (cont’d) The KPI for increased exposure of Chrysler will involve monitoring our social media websites. If there has been a significant increase in Facebook “likes,” Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest followers, and blog traffic, we will know that we are targeting out desired audience. The KPI for an increase in sales will simply be comparing the numbers before our campaign and after. The KPI for an increase in customer base will be the interaction we have through various polls, questions, and discussion boards we have on our social media sites such as Facebook, our blog, and website. Also, monitoring who the buyers are as our campaign is in progress.
  8. 8. Tools and Tactics The main tools for this campaign will be in the form of social media outlets. Young adults gravitate toward these and use them on a daily basis. We will use outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and our blog.  Facebook and Twitter will be largely used to keep customers informed on our products, contests, photos, and discussion forums – our online community.  Our blog will be used daily for things such as reviews, having guest bloggers (people who own a Chrysler), answering questions, and simply promoting Chrysler.  Instagram and Pinterest will be prominently used for contests (beside our big idea through Twitter). Instragram and Pinterest are unique because they are sites that only deal with photos, which we believe will be crucial to people when they are looking for a new car because people care a lot about the appearance of a car. We will employ contests that require people to make a “Chrysler” board with pictures of Chrysler brand cars; or having people hashtag their car pictures with #Chrysler through their Instagram.
  9. 9. Budget($300/hour) Strategy: 50 hours ($15000) Planning: 50 hours ($15000) Build: 60 hours ($18,000) Implementation: 100 hours ($30,000) Contest Budget: $300,000 Website: $10,000 Total: $388,000
  10. 10. Summary  Through “The Chrysler Connection” campaign, we plan to reach a younger crowd by using forms of social media that will make a stronger connection with them. Through Facebook discussions, Twitter and Pinterest contests, and guest bloggers, we believe that Chrysler can meet a market previously untouched and at a limited budget.