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  • Intoduce Self.Explain the illustrationThe painting is in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Kyleneb3

    1. 1. Charleston, SC Jeff Pittman By: Kylene BogartKylene Bogart ACIS 1504
    2. 2. My Place Me and my family come down to our Charleston river house every summerand winter break. Charleston, South Carolina is a whole different culture and way of living compared to northern Virginia. In Charleston, we embraces relaxation and and the company of each other.Kylene Bogart ACIS 1504
    3. 3. The Cooper River/ Arthur J. Ravenel BridgeThe Arthur J. Ravel Bridge is thelargest Suspension Bridge in NorthAmerica. My family’s house islocated in an alcove along the riverthat this bridge expands over.Kylene Bogart ACIS 1504
    4. 4. Hours Spent in one day in Charleston, SC Bike Riding Relaxing Shopping Sleeping BeachKylene Bogart ACIS 1504
    5. 5. Comparing My Two Homes Climate Location Culture AmenitiesSouth Moderate, 4 Inland, Near Hustle and Hot Tub, PingRiding, Virginia equal (in Washington, D. bustle, less Pong, Lighted length) C. friendly. outdoor seasons volleyball and soccerCharleston, Humid year- On the coast Southern, OutdoorSouth Carolina round, Mild with a lot of hospitable, volleyball, Winters, rivers running friendly, Community around it People say Pool, DirectTV “hi” just becauseKylene Bogart ACIS 1504
    6. 6. History of Charleston, SC • Charles Towne is founded1670 • Capital is moved to Columbia , SC1786 • The Confederacy fires upon Ft. Sumter, Starting the Civil War1861 • The city is struck with a 7.5 earthquake1886 • 6 million dollars in damage1 • New dance culture called “The Charleston” develops and spreads across the nation.1925 • The Charleston Hospital Strike of 1969 was one of the last major events of the civil rights1969 movement • The eye of Hurricane Hugo passes right over the Charleston Habor flooding homes up to 2 feet.1989 • 2.8 million dollars in damage1 1Charleston County Public Library Kylene Bogart ACIS 1504
    7. 7. Me in Charleston Me and my boyfriend in the Charleston HaborKylene Bogart ACIS 1504
    8. 8. See it for Yourself!• Charleston Tourism!• Tours of Historic Charleston• Plan a visit Gordon WolfordKylene Bogart ACIS 1504
    9. 9. Bibliography Charleston County Public Library. The Timeline. Retrieved September 9, 2012, from Wolford, G. Charleston Carriage Tour2. [Digital Image] Retrieved September 8, 2012, from Pittman, J. Houses along Rainbow Row. [Digital Print] Retrieved September 8, 2012, from html Bentley, D. (November 17, 2011). Home. [Recorded by Dierks Bentley]. On Home [MP3]. Nashville, TN: Capitol Records.Kylene Bogart ACIS 1504
    10. 10. FeedbackThis presentation required me to use multiple PowerPointfeatures that I have never used before. These features include: Hyperlinks Smart Art Sounds in a presentationI actually liked this assignment because it showed me themany features that PowerPoint offers to be able to make aneffective presentation.Kylene Bogart ACIS 1504