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Thanks to Michael Carty for participating in the HR to Who interview series.

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  1. 1. The HR to Who Interview: Michael Carty I said last weekend that it is sometimes best for a blogger to be silent and let others speak. I said that it was sometimes best to ask questions because you can learn so much about a person from the answers they give. My interview with Rory C. Trotter, Jr. proved to me that this was true. So, with that said, I would like to present the second in the HR to Who Interview series. This week’s interview features Michael Carty. The perk for me this week was twofold because I was able to discuss human resources with him but he and I also share another interest - Doctor Who. Good day, Michael. Let’s begin by asking a few traditional questions. Share with the readers your basic information – the who and the what. Basically, who are you? A very good day to you, sir. And to anybody reading this. I'm Michael Carty. I work as Benchmarking Editor on XpertHR UK. Why did you choose Human Resources? I don't actually work in HR, but all the work I have done for the past 14 years or so has been concerned with HR matters. I've worked in a large number different editorial roles and projects concerned with HR practice and HR data over the years, and find it endlessly fascinating. As my great Twitter friend Sarah Miller (formerly @whippasnappahr on Twitter, now @sarahmillerau) said last year, all of human life can be found in HR. What advice would you give to new Human Resource professionals just joining the workforce? Be aware that there's a huge, supportive and truly global HR community out there on social media. There's everyone from HR students, through new and seasoned HR professionals, to HRDs. All are willing to talk, and to lend a helping hand. I'm constantly amazed and delighted at how the HR community works on social media. If you want advice or guidance on any issue, if you want to tap into lively debate, or if you just want a silly chat, there'll be someone out there at any time of day or night with whom to tweet/ chat/ (Add mode of communication pertinent to your preferred social network). As far as whom to follow on Twitter, I would of course recommend you follow @xperthr and @xperthrusa to keep up with all the latest developments in HR. And for a way in to the global HR community on social media, please follow these 10 people on Twitter (in alphabetical order by surname): 1. Steve Browne (@sbrownehr) 2. Alison Chisnell (@alisonchisnell) 3. Dr Tanvi Gautam (@tanvi_gautam)
  2. 2. 4. Kate Griffiths-Lambeth (@kategl) 5. Sarah Miller (@sarahmillerau) 6. Neil Morrison (@neilmorrison) 7. Laurie R (@lruettimann) 8. Rick (@flipchartrick) 9. Robin Schooling (@robinschooling) 10. Jane Watson (@jsarahwatshr) Be aware that there's a huge, supportive and truly global HR community out there on social media. There's everyone from HR students, through new and seasoned HR professionals, to HRDs. All are willing to talk, and to lend a helping hand. If you could go back and change one thing in your past, what would it be? I wouldn't. Speaking of the past (and present and future), you are a fan of Doctor Who. When did you begin watching the show? The very first Doctor Who story I can remember seeing was Destiny of the Daleks. A quick consultation of Wikipedia suggests that would have been in September 1979, so I would have been 6 ½ years old. I've not seen Destiny… again since then, but I understand it's not exactly one of the most lauded stories there ever was. However, I also clearly remember watching the next story: the all-time classic City of Death, which was of course written by Douglas Adams. As Adams is now a very big influence on my sense of humour, it does make me wonder if his outlook might have begun to affect me (albeit very subconsciously) even from that age. It was great to see City of Death again a few years back, and to discover that it's somehow even better, wittier and more inventive than I remembered. And also to realise that it also includes the wonderful bonus of a very short John Cleese cameo! City of Death really is as good as it gets. Have you incorporated Doctor Who into any work related topics/issues? I don't think I ever have done, but that's not to say I'd be averse ever to so doing. Who is your favorite Doctor? Easily Patrick Troughton. Tomb of the Cybermen is my favourite Doctor Who story. I wish more from his era survived. Who is your least favorite Doctor? Probably a tie between Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. I remember dutifully but disenchantedly sitting through the episodes from those eras and thinking: 'This really isn't good enough.' What advice would you give someone who cannot decide if they wish to watch The Doctor? It has something for everyone, but not everyone is going to like it. If you were Doctor-curious, I'd suggest giving it a go by watching An Unearthly Child (i.e. just the very first episode, the one with that title – the ensuing caveman story in episodes two through four does drag just a tad), Tomb of the Cybermen, Genesis of the Daleks, City of Death and
  3. 3. Blink. Those stories give you a flavor of the very best of Doctor Who. If they don't appeal to you, no harm done, and full credit to you for having been sufficiently broad-minded as to give them a go. But if you do like them, that is just the tip of an iceberg that has building for more than half a century. What is your favorite HR moment? Can I pick two, please? Sure, go for it. Firstly, it would have to be some of the mischievous high-jinks of long-retired HR Twitter provocateur @TheHRD (But I had best not say which ones specifically…). And secondly, the way the HR for Mental Health movement in the UK grew last year, kicking off via a guest post on Alison Chisnell's blog, and blooming into a movement that has had a real, positive influence on people's lives. For a brief introduction to HR for Mental Health, please read the posts from Anonymous and Charlotte Walker, to which I linked here: More About Michael Carty I would like to thank Michael Carty for his time and for agreeing to be part of this interview series. Want to know more about Michael? He does a fair bit of blogging on HR matters for XPERTHR. To read more, click here. Visit Michael on Tumblr by clicking here. Follow him on Twitter @mjcarty. About the Author
  4. 4. I am the Human Resources Manager at Megagate Broadband, Inc. and have been with the company since June 1996. My tenure with the company has provided experience in customer service, accounting, marketing and social media in addition to HR. I've served in a volunteer leadership role on both the local and state SHRM levels. I currently serve as Co-Social Media Director of Mississippi SHRM and 2014-2015 Social Media Director forSouth MS SHRM. Finally, this blog is my creative outlet and doorway to the world of Doctor Who and HR blogging. I've provided guests posts to several HR blogs and have been featured on Related The HR to Who Interview: Rory Trotter, Jr. In "Human Resources" Kyle Jones' Road to HR: 17 Years and Counting In "Featured" 2013 In Review In "Doctor Who"