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Saturday, Social Media & Skype


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Skype was used to host a presentation for Mississippi SHRM Social Media Co-Directors and the Red Cross' Director of Social, Curtis Midkiff.

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Saturday, Social Media & Skype

  1. 1. Saturday, Social Media & Skype The Mississippi State Council of SHRM hosted the annual MSSHRM Leaders Retreat on February 15, 2014. The State Council met on February 14th. Council members and Chapter leadership enjoyed a reception at the MSU Riley Center that afternoon. The evening ended with the group attending an orchestra performance; however, the end of the event weekend would be Saturday, Social Media & Skype. Saturday’s sessions ranged from a Past Presidents panel to presentation on Social Media. Dorothy Knapp, Field Services Director for the Southeast Region, spoke to new chapter leadership providing insight into the SHRM volunteer structure. I was honored to be asked to co-facilitate the closing session on the subject of social media. My co-facilitator was Curtis Midkiff, currently of the Red Cross and formerly of SHRM. Curtis joined us via Skype. This allowed us to not only speak about social media and technology but to also use it. Topics discussed included: Using Twitter Facebook (in general) LinkedIn Facebook Groups V. Pages Google+ Hangouts He began the session by making reference to the fact that he and I have never met. We’ve been in social media contact since 2009 and have spoken on the phone more than once. Still, it is true - we’ve never met. This fact alone showcases the power of social media. It was a fantastic example of how we can reach out to others - expand our reach - if we will only allow ourselves to go outside of our comfort zones. About Curtis Midkiff
  2. 2. Curtis was courteous enough to take time from his day off to speak to the group and I would like this blog post to serve as a THANK YOU to him. So, with that said, I present to you some biographical information on the good Mr. Midkiff. Curtis Midkiff has recently joined the staff of the the American Red Cross as the Director of Social Engagement. In this role, he leads the team responsible for executive the social media strategy for the organization on a national level. In his previous role as the Director of Social Engagement for the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Curtis Midkiff provided strategic leadership and direction to various departments at SHRM in their efforts to maximize the potential of social media to achieve their departmental and organizational goals. Curtis has over 15 years of experience in communications, marketing and new media strategies and his expertise on social media has been featured in the Wall Street Journal,, and other media outlets. Curtis has a BA in English from Morehouse College and an MA in Political Management from George Washington University. About Kyle Jones I am the Human Resources Manager at Megagate Broadband, Inc. and have been with the company since June 1996. My tenure with the company has provided experience in customer service, accounting, marketing and social media in addition to HR. I've served in a volunteer leadership role on both the local and state SHRM levels. I currently serve as Co-Social Media Director of Mississippi SHRM and 2014-2015 Social Media Director for South MS SHRM. Finally, this blog is my creative outlet and doorway to the world of Doctor Who and HR blogging. I've provided guests posts to several HR blogs and have been featured on