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Space and Place in Performance


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Space and Place in Performance

  1. 1. Space and Place in Performance Kyle Mackie - THST*6220 (F11) 04 November 2011
  2. 2. "make space"
  3. 3. "takes place"
  4. 4. “ Theatre consists of human beings in a defined space watched by other human beings, and it is this reality that constitutes the basic apparatus of theatre.” (McAuley 245)
  5. 5. Space is not a passive r e c e p t a c l e in which objects and forms are posited... S P A C E itself is an O B J E C T [of creation]. And the main one! S P A C E is charged with E N E R G Y. Space shrinks and e x p a n d s. And these motions mould forms and objects. It is space that G I V E S  B I R T H to forms! It is space that conditions the network of relations     and tensions between objects. T E N S I O N S is the principal actor of space. (Kantor 217)
  6. 6. theatre “confronts actors and spectators in a relationship that is closely related to the shape of the hall and the kind of society.” (Ubersfeld 96)
  7. 7. “ space and place impinge directly on both production and reception...silently inscribing or disrupting specific (and ideologically coded) ways of working, for practitioners, and of seeing and understanding, for audiences” (Knowles 62-3)
  8. 8. “ A whole history remains to be written of spaces -- which would at the same time be the history of powers ” (Foucault 149)
  9. 9. “ The entire theatre, its audience arrangements, its other public spaces, its physical appearance, even its location within a city, are all important elements of the process by which an audience makes meaning of its experience.” (Carlson 2)
  10. 10.   locus  and  platea
  11. 11. (Southern 18) (Southern 126) (Southern 96)
  12. 12.   (Normington 120)
  13. 13.   city as theatre
  14. 14.   (Normington 118) (Normington 117)
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  19. 19. link to googlemap
  20. 20. "make space" "take place"
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  23. 23. There's nothing more queer than a Santa  Claus Parade. Discuss.