Come Together Right Now: Crowdsourcing and Cross-promoting Great Social Media Content


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Time and resources can be in short supply when you need to get content out quickly online. This session will offer a breakdown of best practices that can bring a whole new world of content creation to your social media communities. Learn how crowdsourcing and cross-promoting enabled Frostburg State University to travel on the go in Peru, and inspire a campus community to add their voices and imagery to the University's marketing and branding. Discover tricks for finding and curating content to your best advantage, ensuring constituents are ambassadors and storytellers.

PRESENTERS: Becca Ramspott, Communications Specialist, Frostburg State University, and Kyle Gunnels, Senior Project Director, TVP Communications

CASE District II Annual Conference, Baltimore, MD Feb. 10, 2014

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Come Together Right Now: Crowdsourcing and Cross-promoting Great Social Media Content

  1. 1. Come Together, Right Now Cross-promoting and Crowdsourcing Great Social Media Content That Inspires People to Care about Your Institution CASE DISTRICT II CONFERENCE February 10, 2014 #CASE2Bmore * #instaFrostburg by Instagram’s @hnoreddine
  2. 2. A Little About Us Becca Ramspott Kyle Gunnels @beccaramspott @kgunnels Communications Specialist Frostburg State University Senior Project Director TVP Communications
  3. 3. What We’re Here to Talk about: • • • • • • Social Media: A Shifting Paradigm Why Crowdsource and Cross-promote? Things to Remember Case Study: Ithaca College Case Study: Frostburg State University Questions/Comments
  4. 4. Social Media: A Shifting Paradigm • Social media is not an “add on” • More than just PR…community building • No longer limited by need for superpolished content…spontaneous, authentic, personal, shared creativity • No longer one-way pushing out of press releases and announcements…it’s a conversation
  5. 5. Social Media: A Shifting Paradigm • Not just all Facebook all the time, but an ever-changing digital landscape, where users move from one social media site to another • Not just text … pictures, pictures, pictures—the need to see and be seen • Content is voluntarily shared in the * public sphere Instagram user @ohmymander #instaFrostburg selfie by
  6. 6. Social Media: A Shifting Paradigm • Do not get overwhelmed…you don’t have to ‘sample’ everything, in fact, you shouldn’t!
  7. 7. Social Media Part of Bigger Picture in How Higher Education is Changing • We need to remain nimble with constant changes, but never lose sight of our institutional goals • Be relevant to what your constituents need and want—be willing to evolve strategically • Our students, faculty, staff, donors, parents and friends are the backbone of our universities’ futures; we need to create a collective sense of ownership
  8. 8. Why Crowdsource and Cross-promote? • Many of us are short on time, staff and resources • Old school versus new school • Change is the only constant in social media: We have to be nimble! • Digital engagement is about creating conversations between different groups of people
  9. 9. Why Crowdsource and Cross-promote? • Build relationships across campus • Engage prospective students, current students, alumni, media and more • Establish sense of good will with your audiences • Create content to use for different purposes
  10. 10. Use crowdsourced content and strategically cross-promote content between different communities! • Help people feel emotionally invested in how your institution is telling its story by acknowledging their creativity, taking advantage of their talent • Renewed sense of discovery, visual storytelling, digital engagement among different campus constituents • Convenient content sharing among different constituents
  11. 11. Build a team of campus-wide constituents to spearhead social media best practices • Fosters sense of campus-wide awareness and support for social media, conveys buy-in • Provides campus with educational outreach opportunities (workshops, webinars, resources) • Teaching, mentoring and learning from students
  12. 12. Tips for Curating Content, Conversations • LISTEN to what’s out there—what people are saying about your brand and where they’re saying it – (<<< FREE!) – Statigram – Hootsuite/Tweetdeck “Mentions” feature – Brand monitoring/listening tools like Radian6
  13. 13. Tips for Curating Content, Conversations • Have a strategy, but STAY NIMBLE and BE CREATIVE – Think smart, simple, creative and shareable— ensure potential reward is worth the effort – Be willing to let go of projects that aren’t working or no longer serve your institution’s goals – Make sure whatever content you’re curating and creating supports institutional goals
  14. 14. Integrated Marketing • Remember to promote social via traditional – Add links to social media in email signatures – Highlight social media on related print materials
  15. 15. Ithaca College
  16. 16. Life at Ithaca College: #IClife • “Ten disposable cameras. Five locations. One authentic view of a day at Ithaca College.”
  17. 17. Life at Ithaca College: #IClife @ithacacollege
  18. 18. Frostburg State University
  19. 19. Frostburg State University • VERY small shop • Limited resources: no full-time videographer or photographer on our staff • No budget for specific campaign projects: Yay, grants! : ) • Support from senior leadership to take risks, try new ideas >>> Creative problem solving >>> Less red tape >>> Close-knit campus community = familiarity with available resources
  20. 20. Frostburg’s Foray Into Social Media
  21. 21. #instaFrostburg
  22. 22. #instaFrostburg
  23. 23. #instaFrostburg
  24. 24. #instaFrostburg
  25. 25. Crowdsourcing and Crosspromotion in Peru #fsucobperu
  26. 26. Meet a Bobcat: Multi-platform Enrollment Communications, Outreach
  27. 27. Using Meet a Bobcat to Encourage Conversations, Discovery All Over Web
  28. 28. Cross-promote content across Web for a collective, mobile conversation
  29. 29. Cross-promote content across Web for a collective, mobile conversation
  30. 30. Crowdsourcing as shorthand for campus leadership/buy-in • Frostburg’s Social Media Group not just limited to marketing people—includes representatives from admissions, athletics, faculty who teach with social media • Shared vision of digital engagement > Being on the same page by setting priorities and sharing resources, cross-promoting key events
  31. 31. Create resources to educate and empower your campus … • eFrostburg Community (downloadable marketing guide, guidelines on personal versus professional use, etc.) • Frostburg SAID for students • Everyone is an ambassador of your institution online and off
  32. 32. Questions? Comments?
  33. 33. Keep the Conversation Going Becca Ramspott Kyle Gunnels @beccaramspott @kgunnels “Higher Ed Reads” on Pinterest
  34. 34. Resources eFrostburg Community: Frostburg SAID: “Studying Abroad with Social Media” (by Becca Ramspott) “Teaching Digital Identity” (by Becca Ramspott) “Creating a Student Social Media Army at Ithaca College” Higher Ed Live: “Social Media Student Teams”