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  • February 8th stock price: $24.58April 17th stock price: $12.58
  • Groupon Presentation

    1. 1. GrouponBy: John Gallagher, Kyle Grant and Forrester Pierce
    2. 2. History of Groupon•Founder Andrew Mason• (November 2007) •Tipping Point Strategy •Utilize Social Media for organization
    3. 3. Groupon’s Emergence• Started November 2008• Overwhelming amount of cool choices• Collective Buying Power ▫ Tipping Point Strategy ▫ No Inventory ▫ Deal of the Day
    4. 4. Immediate Growth• Estimated over $1 Billion after 16 months• Gained 350 employees within 1.5 years• Has over 50 million registers users now• Now has 500 markets within 44 different countries
    5. 5. Expansion• Now serves 500 markets in 44 countries• Re-branded acquisitions ▫ MyCityDeal (Europe, 2010) ▫ ClanDescuento (South America, 2010) ▫ (Singapore) ▫ (Japan, 2010) ▫ (India, 2011)
    6. 6. Controversy• A
    7. 7. Business Model•• No upfront cost for customers• Create profile where Groupon can collect info• Companies contact Groupon• One “Groupon” per day to customers through email• Half of deal revenue goes to the company, other half to Groupon• Potential Problems• Fun Facts
    8. 8. Competition • Virtually no barriers to entry in deal-of-the-day market ▫ Over 500 sites worldwide• Top Companies1. Groupon – 11 million viewers/month2. Living Social – 7.2 million viewers/month3. Gilt Group – 800,000 viewers/month
    9. 9. Living Social• Launched in 2007• December, 2010 partnered with Amazon - Have invested $208 million in Living Social• Net loss of $558 million loss last year - Blamed on rapid expansion
    10. 10. Google Offers• Launched June, 2011 - After failed attempt to buy Groupon• Differentiated from Groupon because limitless purchases• Integrated Google Checkout and Google Wallet
    11. 11. Groupon Now!• M• Mobile App• Real-time coupons for retailers in area• Example of buying pizza
    12. 12. Problems with Groupon Now!• Push vs. Pull Notifications• Similar to an app that Living Social tried to implement
    13. 13. Groupon: Good or Bad for Business?
    14. 14. Problems with Groupon• Retailers unable to retain customers• Fear that people buying Groupon are already customers of retailer• Not enough marketers using Groupon• Overcrowding at the time of coupon
    15. 15. Groupon on the Decline?• Fear that it will collapse as quickly as it succeeded• Already showing signs of decline with stock price
    16. 16. Questions1) What type of services do you think have the most success with Groupon?2) Do you think there is enough demand for Groupon to venture into smaller towns and not only operate in large cities?3) What do you think the future of Groupon and other daily deal websites will be?
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