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Bluemix Natural Disaster Hackathon Q&A


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Some slides to go along with the Bluemix Natural Disaster Hackathon Q&A Google Hangout

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Bluemix Natural Disaster Hackathon Q&A

  1. 1. © 2015 IBM Corporation IBM Cloud Bluemix Natural Disaster Hackathon Hangout Kyle Brown
  2. 2. IBM Cloud © 2015 IBM Corporation 2 Outline  Who are our customers in a Natural Disaster?  Bluemix Services  Watson Services  Resiliency in Bluemix Applications
  3. 3. IBM Cloud © 2015 IBM Corporation 3 Resources and Links  Watson Services suggestions: from-the-bluemix-engineering-team  Slideshare of Bluemix hackathon slides: in-a-natural-disaster  Bluemixathon rules and resources:  Presentation of hackathon ideas: world-changing-apps-trs/index.html
  4. 4. IBM Cloud © 2015 IBM Corporation 4 Who are our customers in a Natural Disaster?  The first question in understanding how at technology or set of technologies can help you with a problem is to understand who the customers of the technology would be. In our case, these could include: – Victims of the Natural Disaster – First Responders – Family, Friends and Loved Ones of those affected – Utility Companies, Insurance Companies, Transport companies  The next set of questions come after you’ve identified your customers – How does this concept help them? – Will they be able to use it effectively? – How is it better than existing approaches?
  5. 5. IBM Cloud © 2015 IBM Corporation 5 Core Services Categorization Data Storage Gateway Visualization Analysis Data Movement, Augmentation and Validation SQL Options IOT Embeddable Reporting Analytics for Hadoop Dataworks NoSQL Options Twilio Cognitive Graph Apache Spark Pitney Bowes Geocoding Secure Gateway IOT Realtime Insights BigInsights for Hadoop Watson Natural Language Translation API Management Document Generation DashDB SendGrid Geospacial Analytics Streaming Analytics Predictive Modeling
  6. 6. IBM Cloud © 2015 IBM Corporation 6 Bluemix Production: Alchemy API Natural Language Sentiment Analysis Taxonomy and Concept Tagging Extraction and Feed Detection Language Detection Microformat Parsing Images Face Detection Image Link Extraction Image Tagging
  7. 7. IBM Cloud © 2015 IBM Corporation 7 Bluemix Production: Alchemy API Sentiment Analysis Natural Language Processing Worked perfectly! Great experience and form factor. Positive or negative feelings expressed in text Disappointing and difficult to integrate. Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian General or directed at phrase / extracted entities Text HTML URL
  8. 8. IBM Cloud © 2015 IBM Corporation 8 Bluemix Production: Tradeoff Analytics
  9. 9. IBM Cloud © 2015 IBM Corporation 9 Bluemix DR capability  For several reasons (including the possibility of a natural disaster in Dallas – remember the hailstorms of 2012 and 1995, the tornado outbreak of 1955…) you want to always make sure that your application can run in more than one location – for Bluemix today that means both London and Dallas deploy CF CF IBM DevOps Services Cloudant Replication App App CloudantCloudant deploy Dallas London External DNS