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Slide deck from our Cloud Lunch Event.

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Kyle Harvey
317-926-9000 ext 1203

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  1. 1. Follow
  2. 2.  The biggest IT buzzword today is “The Cloud.” What does this really mean to you and your business? You can ask 5 different IT Professionals and get 5 different answers Cyberian Technologies has worked to create a “CyberCloud” that is filled with products and services that will benefit our client base and their businesses The idea behind the Cyberian CyberCloud is to help companies better manager their IT costs, while providing a highly available environment for their server infrastructure
  3. 3.  Co-Location presence powered by Time Warner  Cyberian Technologies has as presence at Time Warner Telecom’s Data Center on 86th Street  Cyberian Technologies high availability setup for virtual server computing Business Continuation Services  Offsite server replication  Workgroup Recovery Center  VoIP redirection, and data access CyberCloud Based Monitoring & Support  CyberCloud Monitoring & Reporting  CyberCloud Helpdesk Assistance
  4. 4.  Time Warner’s data center provides important and expensive redundancy  Power redundancy and backup generator Internet Connectivity Redundancy  Time Warner’s fiber ring is connected into their facility in multiple connections into their facility
  5. 5. StorageDell MD1000 7.5TB Dell MD1000SATA SAN 4.5 TB SAS SAN Scale 3 NodeIomega NAS Iomega NAS 6TB SAN3TB for Backups 3TB for Backup
  6. 6. Servers3 - Dell R410 Servers Dell 1850 Server Blade Chassis 10 Servers
  7. 7. Software Components toCreate High Availability
  8. 8.  How do these components help my business?  The SAN, server, and software components allow Cyberian Technologies to offer costly server high availability to companies of any shapes and sizes at an affordable cost.  The 3 to 4 year hardware/software life cycle for the small business computing infrastructure to go from being a capital expense to an operating cost.  All network equipment and servers in the CyberCloud are monitored by the Cyberian Technologies Helpdesk  Allows companies to establish more of a “fixed” costs for IT services.
  9. 9.  Common uses for the small business customer?  Hosted Server Environment  Web Server Hosting  Desktop as a Service  Disaster Recovery Replication  Offsite Storage  Managed IT Services  Remote Monitoring
  10. 10. • In addition to a monthly cost versus a large 3 year investment CyberCloud also gives you  No extended downtime in the event of a physical hardware outage with an onsite server  Savings on the labor cost of a server crash or failure  No concern of power outages affecting the server environment  Flexibility to quickly continue business operations in the event of a fire or flood to your existing place of business  No 3 or 4 year investment of new hardware and software upgrades  Seamless access to applications whether you are in the office or working at home, or on the road
  11. 11.  You don’t own any Microsoft Software Office Internet outage means everyone can’t connect to the server. Cyberian can provide redundant Internet options that alleviates this issue
  12. 12.  Questions about the Time Warner Infrastructure? Questions about practical applications to your business?
  13. 13. Business Continuation is something that requires propertime and attention to ensure all resources and functionsperformed by a business can resume in a capacity sufficientenough to maintain normally daily business operations.CyberCloud can help customers remain flexible to runningtheir business in the event of a disaster.
  14. 14.  Offsite server replication  Customers can have some or all servers replicated to the CyberCloud  Customers have the option to provide their own equipment or “rent” space on CyberCloud’s infrastructure as needed  Offsite storage of backups
  15. 15.  Workgroup Recovery  CyberCloud can also provide a “war room” office space for customers that need space for 8 or less people in the event of a disaster  Faxing, VoIP services, web site, Email re-direction, and remote access can easily be configured for customers that have declared a disaster and need to gain quick access to their data
  16. 16. CyberCloud“War Room”
  17. 17.  Questions about Business Continuation? Questions about how to leverage CyberCloud’s virtual infrastructure for your business? Questions about how CyberCloud can help my business continue normal daily operations in the event of a disaster?
  18. 18.  Cloud Based Monitoring  CyberCloud uses a Windows agent to monitor Windows PCs, and Servers, and a “probe” to monitor network related devices  These agents report back issues to the CyberCloud helpdesk as it relates to CPU, Memory, Disk, and Windows Services usage. It can also monitor backups, AV, and specific windows related services as it pertains to applications like Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SQL.  Monthly/Weekly reporting is available to allow you to see performance of your environment to better anticipate needing additional HW/SW resources or upgrades before it hinders your business  The agents also possess the ability to perform Microsoft security updates and patches through a policy setup and managed by the CyberCloud helpdesk
  19. 19. Cloud Based Monitoring Server Dashboard
  20. 20. Monitor Reporting - CPU
  21. 21. Monitor ReportingDisk
  22. 22. Monitor ReportingAV Status
  23. 23. Monitor ReportingServices
  24. 24.  Questions about CyberCloud Monitoring? Questions about what is being monitored, and updated?
  25. 25.  Cloud Based Helpdesk  CyberCloud’s helpdesk services provides customers with an outsourced solution that is centered around customer service. CyberCloud will take the time to learn the environment, and document relevant information as it might relate to the line of business applications centric to each company.  CyberCloud helpdesk leverages a “secure” remote control to leverage quick and satisfied resolutions to end users issues as they arise.  CyberCloud is staffed to have all calls answered when they come in, and we boast a 99.5% or better answer rate for all incoming calls
  26. 26.  Cloud Based Helpdesk  CyberCloud helpdesk technicians working in conjunction with the CyberCloud monitoring agents, gives Cyberian Technologies the ability to provide full managed IT services to small businesses.  CyberCloud also uses a support ticketing system that has cases opened directly from the CyberCloud monitoring agents in the event a problem is detected.
  27. 27. CyberCloudNOC
  28. 28.  How do the helpdesk and monitoring work together? Questions about what is being monitored, and updated?
  29. 29. Please contact Cyberian for Pricing: Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Cloud Computing Services Monitoring Help Desk Services Kyle Harvey 317-926-9000 ext 1203
  30. 30.