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Secretsquirrelpresentation 121102070045-phpapp01

  1. 1. Recruit BaltimoreBest Practicesin ClearedRecruiting
  2. 2. What this sessionis NOT……..How to get a securityclearance,What is JPASS or ScatteredCastles,How to become a SCIF, orFSO,Nor are we coveringEEO/ITAR/OFCCP, reciprocityor suitability.
  3. 3. This session is for….Recruiters who have beenin cleared recruiting for atleast three years andwant to learn more aboutbest practices.If you want to connectwith any of our panelists,you may do so throughthe Recruit BaltimoreLinkedIn group.
  4. 4. NetworkingThis is a small community.You have to build areputation and carefullycultivate the relationshipswithin the community.Employee referralprograms are vital to yoursuccess.
  5. 5. PartnershipsBuilding yourrelationships carefullyto support your overallrecruiting, candidateexperience andsuccessful hires.These are relationshipsinside your companyand with yourcustomers.
  6. 6. DifferentiationUnderstand the corecompetencies of yourcompany.Close relationships with yourmanagement to understandyour strategic difference.How are you unique when thecompetition is tough.Even if you are part of the “bigboys”, you have to know whatsets you apart from the rest.
  7. 7. Knowing theMissionKnow the mission of your customer,what they are doing, their acronyms,and lingo.Do your homework on yourcustomer. Then set up the skills mapof what do – do they need SIGINT?Cyber? What does that customeractually do?Know the tickets that they need forthat work.Know who the client is, and ifpossible meet them, or people whoknow them so you can understandtheir needs, quirks, culture.
  8. 8. Be a Good Recruiterand RecruitingManagerUnderstand the clearancesneeded for your client and whatthat entails.Time management so that youare spending time to learn,share and recruit.Communicating your “BestPersonal Brand.”Resource and workforcemanagement so you don’t losethe good talent.
  9. 9. Being Ethical Be ethical. Teach, educate and coach the candidates on the process. Find out if the candidates have signed other offer letters in the interview and advise them on their next steps. Be clear and open about contingency offers.
  10. 10. Military SourcingMost veterans have aclearance. Look to the militarycommunity for sourcing..Become a resource for them.In particular guiding themthrough the career transitionprocess.Go beyond TAP – resume,cultural and environmentaladvice.Onboarding with the militarypersonnel. Make sure that theyhave settled in. Find a mentorto guide them in privateindustry . This strengthenstheir work relationship whichbenefits everyone.
  11. 11. PipelineOnce you have thecandidates, maintainthem as part of yourpipeline.Cultivate your candidatesso that they return to youwhen they are available orthey refer folks to you.
  12. 12. Resume TemplatesMake sure that they arecorrect and that theyhave been verified bythe candidates beforeyou submit them.Cross the line and youmess things up for you,your company and thecandidate.
  13. 13. Final ThoughtsA “Best Practice” in thesecurity cleared communityis grounded in the following:•Developing, cultivating andmaintaining your network.•Knowing you are a brand,separate from your company,client or project.•Being a professional whounderstands the ins and outsof the business and operateswith integrity.