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  • Into into why Collins Catering should invest in up-dating to mobile/tablet web design\n
  • Mobile web is growing like never before. Some people even think that it will rule by 2015. With this in mind we need tog et Collins Carting on the mobile bandwagon. \n
  • With Collins Catering going mobile we are able to have your clients access the website from anywhere. With the mobile web app we can have the calendar on the go when planning the event.Also they can plan the meals while on the go with menus on there phones. Making the switch will bring in a whole new range of business. \n
  • With the mobile web having a “smaller” screen we need to think small also. Web designers must now take things into a different perspective and design sites for not only differ net web browsers but also for mobile web browsers. This may be difficult at first but will but mobile web will be ruling the internet world soon enough. With the web having a smaller screen we need to put all the top links right on the homepage.\n\n
  • Southwest Airlines has a mobile site that we can base Collins Catering off of. With all the top links right as the page loads, with the option of going to the full site also. This is very easy to use and also is available as an iPhone app.\n
  • Just like Panda Express TD Bank fails to have a “mobile website.” They off the iPhone app but when it comes to the site they do not offer it. When it comes to the mobile land I feel as if our web site should offer the same look as the app when logged in. \n
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  • Panda Express is a site that I fell across when looking at how different the sites are when it comes to the mobile web. Panda Express doesn’t have a mobile site. When you go to the site on a mobile device it goes to the regular page. If you access the site from a iPhone or iPad you are unable to see the slide show in the middle of the web page. However they do offer a App for the iPhone that it wrote as a mobile site.\n
  • We are already behind we need to get a jump on thing. I recommend that we take some of the examples of the good sites and use them when we design collins catering. Mobile Web is growing and with this we can bring in a lot of business.\n
  • We need to sit down and prioritize what we think is needed on the mobile site. We don’t want to over load the phone or tablet every time it tries to load the page. With the help of blogs and mobile design web sites I can help in into making the perfect mobile web site. We want to stick to the basics and stay way from flash. Over all, going mobile will offer your clients what they want and what they need from Collins Catering while on the go. \n
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  • mobile presentation

    1. 1. Updating to Mobile/Tablet Design By: Kyle Peterson For: Collins Catering
    2. 2. Mobile Web over the years• Growing faster than ever before.• Using tablets more that computers• Mobile web will rule by 2015
    3. 3. Lets Go Mobile• Access from anywhere• Appointment on the go• Menus from a phone
    4. 4. The Impact on Web Design • Site design must be both web and mobile deigned • Designing has to be on a smaller scale • More NAV less Scrolling
    5. 5. Southwest Airlines• Great mobile website• Easy to use and no scrolling• NAV bar as home page
    6. 6. TD Bank• When it comes to websites TD bank fails.• They only offer a APP for iPhone and possibly Android users
    7. 7. Publix • Publix has a great mobile site • Ad in Mobile Format • Top links available
    8. 8. Panda Express• No mobile compatibility• Just like the Reg site• Uses flash, not able for use on iPod or iPhone
    9. 9. What should we do?• Jump start on things• Take the examples above and work from there
    10. 10. The Site• Staying away from Flash• Prioritize what we need• Use the “less is more” approach
    11. 11. References developers-mobile-web-further-along-than-you-think/