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Synthesis social learning

  1. 1. Synthesis Projectabout Social LearningKyle Lee
  2. 2. Synthesis Project about Social LearningKyle Lee Contents Section 1 - My Personal Learning Preferences 3 Section 2 - My Learning Pathway 4 Section 3 - Contribution of Activities 5 Section 4 - Top 3 Social Technologies 6 Section 5 - My Use of Mobile Technologies 7 Section 6 - Future Use of the Technologies 8 PAGE 2
  3. 3. Synthesis Project about Social LearningKyle Lee My scores when I first took the survey were: 3 towards REF, 3 towards SEN, 11 towards VIS, and Section 1 3 towards GLO. I’m not sure if much has changed about the way I perceive my learning preferences. I feel that I’ve always been pretty sure of who I am My Personal Learning Preferences as a learner, but it is interesting to go through this class and be active in things that maybe show me something a little different than what I might have thought about myself. I always knew that I was more partial to learning through visuals, but I am also trying to look at the details more now that I’ve taken this class. Seems like it would be a great place for me to grow as a learner. PAGE 3
  4. 4. Synthesis Project about Social LearningKyle Lee I feel that I began the class with the mindset that I would be a learning Sage. I wanted to learn about Section 2 new technologies and websites. I think that I was very successful in doing this through the class. There were many online resources that I was not familiar My Learning Pathway with until using them in this class, and I think that I will be able to use some of them throughout my career. I didn’t change my pathway, but I do find that I would like to implement what I have learned more thoroughly in to the rest of my learning career (becoming a Warrior). PAGE 4
  5. 5. Synthesis Project about Social LearningKyle Lee I think that the Social Bookmarking activity really stuck with me. As a History major, I am in the middle Section 3 of doing some in depth research that I feel I could use help on. These days, a lot of research can be done online through digitized archives, and if I Contribution of Activities ever teamed up with someone to research specific things, or needed help with my research, I can see how Social Bookmarking will be very useful. It makes me excited to think about being able to share information and sources with other historians so easily! I’m having hope that tablet computers will be able to aid in research as well. Things like google docs and other online sharing techniques will be able to lend a hand when finding something in a physical archive and needing to save the information and share it right away. PAGE 5
  6. 6. Synthesis Project about Social LearningKyle Lee I explored the use of ipads/tablets in the activity by downloading some of the apps that were discussed. Blogging wasn’t really new to me, even though I hadn’t done it on an iPad before. The use of tablet computers to interact with others is something that really interests me. Twitter, and games like farmville or other cooperative games can help build team skills and be useful for developing skills for the workplace. Section 4 Technology can be used to build a cooperative and nurturing environment through MMOGs and other apps. Top 3 Social Technologies Social Bookmarking can be a very useful way to develop research and collaborate with others. These tools are a fantastic way to share information with each other. I think that social bookmarking can help me organize information in to structures that are more visual, which really helps with my learning preferences. Finding pages and sites with information that also has accompanying photos or graphics can also help my learning. I can share these sites or have other people share them with me easily. Seems like this is a technology that I will be using very much in the future. Social networking sites don’t do much for my education really. My learning preferences sort of lean towards working alone with time for self reflection. I do understand how these networking sites can help though. Connecting with classmates is always a good idea, and sites like Facebook can make that process easy and quick. I think that using the networking site, Linkedin, will help with future job searches though. It can also lead to making useful connections within an industry that I would like to be a part of. PAGE 6
  7. 7. Synthesis Project about Social LearningKyle Lee I think that I was really surprised with the technology of MMOGs. I never really thought of those games as being social technologies. I found that team- building skills could be developed through these technologies. I feel that Social Networking is not Section 5 very useful tool for learning. I think that networking sites can be great for building a closer community within classrooms or workplaces, but as far as directly learning something, I don’t quite see the My Use of Social Technologies benefits. I would like to explore the use of Social Bookmarking more for learning. I think that the collaboration process of sending each other links fits in to my learning preferences very well. Social bookmarking worked best for my learning preferences. I usually like to work alone as much as possible. I find that my process of working on projects involves a lot of self-reflection and thinking and developing ideas on my own. Social bookmarking helps people share information without being forced to work in groups. I think that working in groups can be a great way for people to learn, but for my preferences I learn better with minimal group work. The information that can be shared through links to websites can also expose interesting ways to interpret information. Graphs and visual elements can be easily sent to each other or saved for each other to see. Visual presentations definitely help my learning. PAGE 7
  8. 8. Synthesis Project about Social LearningKyle Lee I will continue to develop more collaborative learning. I do wish that I enjoyed working in groups Section 6 more, and I feel that some of the technology we used in this class exposed me to different ways to collaborate in non-traditional ways. I think some Future Use of the Technologies of these technologies, such as MMOGs can help develop team-building skills and make a better work environment. Some jobs already use activities to build a team-environment, but I think that MMOGs can be a strong addition to these activities. I’m going to continue using Social Boomarking for my job and for my research in history. I think that collaborating with other historians doing research on similar topics can benefit from sharing information with each other. Many documents can be found online now, and creating a system of bookmarking can be a great way to help each other out. As a graphic designer, I can use social bookmarking with other designers or clients to share references and help get each other working on the same page. PAGE 8
  9. 9. Synthesis Project about Social LearningKyle Lee Thank You.