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Synthesis multimedia learning


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Synthesis multimedia learning

  1. 1. Synthesis Project aboutMultimedia LearningKyle Lee
  2. 2. Synthesis Project about Multimedia LearningKyle Lee Contents Section 1 - My Personal Learning Preferences 3 Section 2 - My Learning Pathway 4 Section 3 - Contribution of Activities 5 Section 4 - Top 3 Social Technologies 6 Section 5 - My Use of Mobile Technologies 7 Section 6 - Future Use of the Technologies 8 PAGE 2
  3. 3. Synthesis Project about Multimedia LearningKyle Lee My scores when I first took the survey were: 3 towards REF, 3 towards SEN, 11 towards VIS, and Section 1 3 towards GLO. I’m not sure if much has changed about the way I perceive my learning preferences. I feel that I’ve always been pretty sure of who I am My Personal Learning Preferences as a learner, but it is interesting to go through this class and be active in things that maybe show me something a little different than what I might have thought about myself. I always knew that I was more partial to learning through visuals, but I am also trying to look at the details more now that I’ve taken this class. Seems like it would be a great place for me to grow as a learner. PAGE 3
  4. 4. Synthesis Project about Multimedia LearningKyle Lee I feel that I began the class with the mindset that I would be a learning Sage. I wanted to learn about Section 2 new technologies and websites. I think that I was very successful in doing this through the class. There were many online resources that I was not familiar My Learning Pathway with until using them in this class, and I think that I will be able to use some of them throughout my career. I didn’t change my pathway, but I do find that I would like to implement what I have learned more thoroughly in to the rest of my learning career (becoming a Warrior). PAGE 4
  5. 5. Synthesis Project about Multimedia LearningKyle Lee Screencasts really helped me understand the possibilities of using multimedia technologies to Section 3 learn. It was perfect that screencasts were used for the lectures in this class also, because it reinforced the understanding of the technology through having Contribution of Activities experience with it. I think that screencasts area great multimedia technology to use to learn things. Online video tutorials to learn almost anything can be effective. Multimedia can really accommodate learners that need something visual to accompany their education. Screencasts are useful because the student can rewind the videos and listen again until they get it. PAGE 5
  6. 6. Synthesis Project about Multimedia LearningKyle Lee Screencasts are great. They work perfectly for my learning preferences. I think that there are many incidents where you could just want to look up some visual tutorial of how to do something on youtube, and it could help you greatly. Screencasts provide content through a visual delivery, which lends itself to people that are more inclined to learn from visual applications. Screencasts can also be Section 4 slowed down or replayed, which helps people learn at their own pace until they grasp the content. Sometimes, traditional forms of education can make students feel that they are being rushed. Top 3 Multimedia Technologies Podcasts can be a very useful tool for students and teachers also. They didn’t really apply effectively for me, but I think that the technology is really cool. Being able to subscribe to a lecture is a really interesting concept. A whole class can be held through lectures on podcasts. There are similar benefits to podcasts as screencasts, one of which is the ability to control the pace of your education. Stopping, rewinding, replaying and other functions can be very helpful to people trying to understand a concept but need to slow down a bit. Multimedia in general is a great tool for education. It allows people who have a variety of learning preferences to participate in and understand the content. Screencasts and podcasts are great for their functions that allow self-set pace of learning. Multimedia also helps visual learners. Content can be delivered visually though screencasts, graphics, etc. The term multimedia basically sums up the benefits of it in a learning process. There are more than one form of media to use for learning, and chances are that you can find one that works for you. PAGE 6
  7. 7. Synthesis Project about Multimedia LearningKyle Lee I think that iPads and other tablet computers will be the most useful to me in the future. I see tablets as the overall device for delivering multimedia. To quote the mini-lecture, “Tablets bring multimedia learning to where you need it.” This statement Section 5 presents the reason behind the usefulness for a combination of technologies such as mobile devices and multimedia. In an iPad, one can access newspapers and online journals that can further My Use of Multimedia Technologies education. Although I see podcasts as a useful tool for learning, it does not seem to be the most effective for my personal preferences as a learner. I am more of a visual and active learner, and I feel that podcasts do not touch on those methods of education enough for me. I would like to learn more about podcasts though. I felt that I might not have given podcasts enough of an opportunity, so I plan on subscribing to useful podcasts in the future to try them out more extensively. Social technologies and multimedia go hand in hand. I feel that Facebook is a great platform for sharing multimedia. One can post informative links or check out links that friends have posted to different forms of multimedia. Videos, text, animations, and graphics can be shared through all of the discussed forms of technology. Links to publicly shared screencasts could be a great help to people. If you see a screencast that you think a friend might like, you can easily send them a link through Facebook. PAGE 7
  8. 8. Synthesis Project about Multimedia LearningKyle Lee The strategies for multimedia are pretty simple. The main idea is that there are several types of platforms Section 6 for providing content. I think that this can be useful to any part of life. One has to understand that people learn things effectively in different ways from Future Use of the Technologies each other. I think that at a job, to communicate with others through a few different ways to get your point across can ensure mutual understanding. Just because you understand a project explained one way, does not mean that your coworker will. I think that the use of screencasts can be used for learning outside of this class. Obviously, I found the screencasts provided through out the activities very useful, and I think that this form of media can be applied to learning in many fields other than classroom education. Presentations at work can be done through screencasts, making it more involving and entertaining. People respond positively to a well-structured, aesthetically pleasing, and engaging presentation. I will probably not make podcasts on my own, but that does not necessarily mean that I will avoid them. I think that they can be useful, so I will try to use them and learn from them as much as I can. PAGE 8
  9. 9. Synthesis Project about Multimedia LearningKyle Lee Thank You.