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Civil war time line


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Civil war time line

  1. 1. Civil War Time Line By: Kyle Middleton
  2. 2. The South Seceded from the Union: January 1861The slave holding states leave the north and become there owen country, starting the civil war.
  3. 3. Fort Sumter is attacked: April 10, 1861This is the first conflict between the north and the south
  4. 4. The Battle of Antietam: September 16 - 18, 1862 It was a battle that stopped the advance ofrobert e. lee from interring the northern states and it was a moral boost for the union.
  5. 5. The EmancipationProclamation: January 1, 1863 It freed all slaves in the southern states
  6. 6. Gettysburg: July 1 - 3, 1863 It was one of the largest battles of thewar and the turning point due to the factthat lee lost more then a third of his men
  7. 7. The Gettysburg Address is given: November 19, 1863It was a moral booster and it was known as one of the greatest speeches in the world.
  8. 8. Wade Davis Bill is passed: It was pocket voted by Abraham Lincoln in 1863Made it were the south had to have governor appointed by the president and made them say the “Iron CladOath” and abolish slavery, the generals had to pay debt from the war and they were striped of there land
  9. 9. The 13th Amendment is passed: January 31, 1865It abolished slavery as a legal institution
  10. 10. Freedmans Bureau is created: March 3, 1865It was an act passed were the government would provideaid for blacks that were freed and plantation owners that had lost the crops
  11. 11. Abraham Lincoln is Assassinated: April 14, 1865John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham lincoln then he was hanged the next day.
  12. 12. Ku Klux Klan is created: December 24, 1865Created to maintain whit supremacy
  13. 13. -First Reconstruction Act is Passed: March 2, 1867It split southern states up in too five military districts
  14. 14. Second Reconstruction Act: March 23, 1867A more efficient government for the rebel states.
  15. 15. Surrender at AppomattoxCourthouse: April 26, 1877 It is were Lee surrendered his men.
  16. 16. Andrew Johnson is Impeached: February 24, 1868He was impeached because he had political troubles and an ideology of certain thing after the war
  17. 17. The 14th Amendment is passed: July 1868People born in the United States and you were not white you become a citizen
  18. 18. Ulysses S Grant becomespresident: March 4,1869 first president after the civil war
  19. 19. The Compromise of 1877 is passed: February 26, 1877 Removal of all federal troops from the southern states. Appointment of at least one southern Democrat into Hayess Administration.Construction of a second transcontinental railroad in the South called the Texas and Pacific.  Legislation enacted to help industrialize the South.