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Bus 356 presentation


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This presentation is on a recent article that discusses whether or not it is correct to lie during a job interview and if so what parts it is acceptable to lie about. The author eventually reaches a point where he concludes that currently most HR departments are leaving behind the best candidates due to their honesty. He then concludes to say he believes it is okay to lie during a interview as long as it does not become a habit in life. What do you think, should you lie during a interview or be yourself and hope for the best??

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Bus 356 presentation

  1. 1. S The Ethical Dilemma of Lying BUS 356 Kyla Salazar February 11, 2015
  2. 2. Examples of Why People Commonly Lie S A brother lies about a sisters whereabouts in order to protect her from her drunken father S A doctor tells a terminally ill patient they have a 50/50 chance of survival when she knows the patients time is limited S A candidate for a position wants to ace a interview
  3. 3. Acting Morally When Times are Tough S Honesty can take second priority to values such as compassion, respect, and justice S Philosophy and Religious traditions state that lying is wrong
  4. 4. Kant’s View on Lies S Lying is morally wrong S A persons intrinsic worth (human dignity) allows them to act as rational as possible and make their own decisions S To be ethical shows respect for oneself and others S Cheats others and harms their autonomy and human dignity S Value others as ends not means
  5. 5. Virtue Ethics on Lies S Lying is morally wrong S Focuses on character development S To be virtuous is to be ethical S The general principle states lying is wrong because it opposes the honesty virtue
  6. 6. Utilitarianism on Lies S Actions such as a lie are morally permissible when the consequences maximize the benefits and minimize the harm S Believe sometimes its immoral not to lie S Altruistic and noble lies are considered acceptable S Main concern people have with this view is that trust is undermined and a little bit too unpredictable
  7. 7. “Why You Must Lie On Job Interviews And What You Must Lie About” • Article published on LinkedIn • Author: Mark Stevens • CEO of MSCO (marketing firm)
  8. 8. Possible Q&A from HR S "No. I don't really like working with others. I guess you can say I do my best work by myself. My professors at MIT used to call me a 'loner.'" S "I think this is the best place to make a fortune before I'm 35. I really want a chunk of those stock options." S Do you work well with others? S Tell me why you want to work for my company?
  9. 9. What happened to “Just Be Yourself” S The HR filters often turn the best candidates away S Today you must attempt to be what HR wants
  10. 10. What the Author Says About Lying S In most scenarios you need to lie to make it to the next step of the interview process S Don’t make this a way of life S “When a system is stacked against the truth, dance around it.”
  11. 11. What is the Right Decision? S Should you lie in a interview? S Does this alter your character? S Does this make you happy or turn you into something your not? S Deceiving?