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Aus homework powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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Aus homework powerpoint

  1. 1. I <br />AUSTRALIANINFO<br />
  2. 2. COAT OF ARMS<br />The shield the focal point of the coat of arms, contained within is the badge of each Australian state.<br />In the top half from left to right, the states represented are NSW Victoria and the bottom half from left to right is south Australia, western Australia and Tasmania <br />
  3. 3. The blue represents the seas surrounding Australia, the Union Jack reflects our predominant heritage, the Southern Cross is a constellation that is visible from anywhere in Australia and is somewhat symbolic of Australia, the Commonwealth Star has seven points, one for each State and one for the Territories.<br />AUSTRALIANFLAG<br />
  4. 4. About half the population increase between the 1991 and 2001 censuses was due to foreign-born immigration. 4.9 million people[2] (8.3 percent of the population at the time) were born abroad, although the census gives no indication of their immigration status or intended length of stay.<br />Provisional figures show that in 2009, 567,000 people arrived to live in the UK whilst 371,000 left, meaning that net inward migration was 196,000. The number of people immigrating to and emigrating from the UK both fell between 2008 and 2009.[3][4]<br />In 2006, there were 149,035 applications for British citizenship, 32 percent fewer than in 2005. The number of people granted citizenship during 2006 was 154,095, 5 percent fewer than in 2005. The largest groups of people granted British citizenship were from India, Pakistan, Somalia, and the Philippines.[5] In 2006, 134,430 people were granted settlement in the UK, a drop of 25 per cent on 2005.[6]<br />ENGLAND IMMIGRATION<br />
  5. 5. ABORIGNAL FLAG<br />The Australian Aboriginal flag is a flag that represents Indigenous Australians. It is one of the official "Flags of Australia", and holds special legal and political status, but it is not the "Australian National Flag". It was designed in 1971 by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas, who holds intellectual property rights in the flag's design. The flag was originally designed for the land rights movement, and it became a symbol of the Aboriginal people of Australia.<br />The flag's width is 1.5 times its height. It is horizontally divided into a black region (above) and a red region (below). A yellow disc is superimposed over the centre of the flag.<br />
  6. 6. By Kyle<br />This is some very good information every one should read this good and closely thank you <br />The end<br />