Project 1 - Architectural Drawing


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Project 1 - Architectural Drawing

  1. 1. Architectural Drawing Team Alpha : Chew Yu Jing Wong Zhen Fai Nge Jia Chen Khor Yen Min Khor Hao Xiang Joshua Yim
  2. 2. Architectural Drawing? • architectural drawings are the drawings that architects use in the field of architecture
  3. 3. But When Do We Use It? • After intentions and fundamental requirements of a building are discussed with the client and the architect • And the architect goes home and does his thing, draw and design an amazing design in the form of an architectural drawing sketch to show the client and discuss if it is appropriate
  4. 4. So what's the process? Brief from the client about the design Discussion with the client Consider the budget and site conditions Clients Disagree Initial sketch of ideas and concept plans Clients Agree Developed designs will be drawn When the design is finalized, a specific architectural drawing can be drawn
  5. 5. But Why Architectural Drawing??? • Medium for communication • Guideline for building contractors • Presentation for clients • Documentation of work
  6. 6. Wow!! That’s amazing! So What Are The Parts Of An Architectural Drawing??? Parts of an Architectural Drawing Floor Plan Site Plan Elevation Cross sectional Isometric Axonometric Detailed Drawings
  7. 7. Floor Plan • Most fundamental • Shows spaces and arrangement
  8. 8. Site Plan • Shows property boundaries • Shows other structures related to the site • Gives an overview of the site of work • Only can be drawn by a licensed professional
  9. 9. Elevation • A flat view from the side • Each elevation is labelled in relation to the compass direction its facing
  10. 10. Cross Section • A vertical plane cut through the object • Used to describe different levels of the building
  11. 11. Isometric and Axonometric • Uses a plan grid from 30 degrees from the horizontal in both directions • Useful to explain construction details
  12. 12. Detail Drawings • Shows a small part of the construction in a larger scale • Includes full construction details
  13. 13. • In the later part of the twentieth century, Architectural Drawing was changed from drafting to Computer-aided design(CAD) • Tools of architect-drawing board , t-square, set squares, protractor, compasses, pencil, drawing pen of different types and etc.
  14. 14. I’m Struggling!! Is there any amazing architectural masterpieces I can refer to??? An amazing one would be the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  15. 15. Bibly Whaaaa???? • The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the amazing library of Alexandria, Egypt • A major library whose unparalleled storage of knowledge is rivalled only by the beauty of its structure • Officially inaugurated in October 16, 2002 • Architect : Snohetta Hamza Consortium Firm
  16. 16. But are there any architects and their designs that stand out in history??? • In ancient times, the architects are different than architects closer to the present • Ancient times : Imhotep, The Pyramid of Djoser • Closer to present times : Le Corbusier, his vision of a modern city
  17. 17. What about Imhotep? • He would have trouble filling up a parent occupation form. • He is a architect, doctor, high priest, builder, carpenter, sculptor, so on so forth • Architect of the Pyramid of Djoser
  18. 18. More about the design • Was made as more than a mortuary. • Was made for the facilitation of a successful afterlife for the resurrection of an eternal king • The step pyramid had 6 steps and may be an experimental structure
  19. 19. What's so special about a pyramid with 6 steps • In its time the Pyramid of Djoser was one of the best pieces of architecture in the world • It was designed for the king of Egypt at that time • Its 6 step design was believed to be the foundation of other pyramids
  20. 20. What about Le Corby thingy? • Le Corbusier, he is an architect, writer, painter, designer, urban planner, or in more simple terms : a multi talented artist • An amazing architect because of his ability to envisage the world in a more modern view in his time • Pioneer of urbanism This was his design (what are we doing with our lives???)
  21. 21. References • • • The Sketch book, Francesc Zamora Mola, LOFT Publications • Graphic Thinking for Architects and Designers, Paul Laseau, John Wiley & Sons, inc • Architectural Working Drawings, Ralph W. Liebing, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. • Architectural Drawing, Rendow Yee, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.