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Tale hu-final


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Tale hu-final

  1. 1. The Wolf-lairOnce upon a time, over hill and dale, there was an Egg. ThisEgg went out to see the world. He was rolling and rolling; andthen he met a Duck.The Duck asked, "Where are yougoing, my friend Egg?""Im going to see the world.""Ill go, too. Let’s go together!"As they were wandering farther,they met a Rooster."Where are you going, my friend Duck?""We are going to see world.""Ill go, too. Let’s go together!"They were wandering, and wandering; then they met a Needle."Where are you going, my friend Rooster?""We are going to see the world.""Ill go, too. Let’s go together!"As they were wandering, they found a Crab."Where are you going, myfriend Needle?""We are going to see theworld.""Ill go, too. Let’s go together!"As they were wandering, theymet a Horse and finally an Ox.They were wandering farther and farther, untilnightfall. Then they found a small house and went in.Everyone found their own place. The Egg rolled intothe hot ash. The Duck and the Rooster flew up on topof the fireplace. The crab climbed into a tub of water.The Needle ran himself into the towel. The Horse layin the middle of the house and the Ox went to theporch.
  2. 2. Suddenly, the twelve wolves who owned the housearrived home. The oldest one felt something andbegan howling when they were still quite far awayfrom the house."Yuck, yuck! What a strange smell I can smell! Whodares to go in?"There was a cocky one, who said that he dared togo in, not being afraid even if a thousand devils were inside. He did so. As itwas their own house, he knew where their things were. At first, he searchedfor a match on top of the fireplace to light a wick, but the Rooster and theDuck began to fuss. Then he reached into the ash to pick some live coal, butthe Egg blew up, so he ran to the tub towash, but he was pinched by the Crabthere. He ran to the towel, where he waspricked by the Needle. In his fright, hejumped to the middle of the house,where the Horse kicked him in the side,and as he was running out, the Ox pickedhim up onto his horns and threw him tothe middle of the yard.There he began to squeal like a pig, and ran to his mates."Oh! Let’s run, lets get away! Run for your life! All the devils are inside!I reached into the ash andthey shot me with a gun,I ran to the tub andthey cut me with scissors.I grabbed the towel anda witch pricked me with her needle,I started for the door andThey shovelled me out,I ran out to the porch andthey got me with a pitchfork.One shouted, Hep-hep-hep!Another yelled, Give it up.Then I fell over hard -woe is me!"So they fled, and they may be still running,unless they have stopped.