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Facebook beginners handout


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There was so much to cover that I had to split my class in two. This is the handout for the first class, Facebook for Beginners.

Facebook beginners handout

  1. 1. for Beginners By Katheryn A. Woodworth is a social networking website — a gathering spot, to connect with your friends and with your friends friends. Facebook allows you to make new connections who share a common interest, expanding your personal network. —
  2. 2. Registering & Logging In Whenever you want to use Facebook, all you have to do is Log In at the top of the Facebook page with your email and the password you signed up with.If you don’t have aFacebook account, Fill out the form Sign Up with this truthfully, then simple form. You click the “Sign Up”only need to do this button. once. Ignore “Create a Page” unless you have a purpose for it.
  3. 3. Home: News Feed The “News Feed” is how you can keep up with what your friends and “Likes” are posting to Facebook all in one place. Your News Feed is not visible to others—only to you. Most recent news & updates. Most popular updates.Friend’s status update.Friend’s friends’ comments. This is the page that Facebook will automatically show when you log in. This is also your “Home” page. Clicking “Home” in the top right corner will bring you back to this page.
  4. 4. Your ProfileYour profile is where you share information about yourself. You want to include things that you would want family and friends (or possibly coworkers and/or clients) to know, but not information that you want to keep private. There areprivacy settings, but they only protect you up to a point. There are some things such as social security numbers, credit cards, or even your home address and phone number that you may not want to share with others. There are many easy shortcuts for editing the personal information located in your profile.
  5. 5. Editing Your ProfileMenu for the different Profile sections. Click one to make changes in that section. Remember to click the “Save Changes” button when you modify anything.
  6. 6. Privacy“Friends Only” or custom settings are the best choices if you want to lock down your profile from prying eyes. Basic privacy settings. More specific, custom privacy settings.
  7. 7. Friends You can easily add “friends” (contacts) using the Search features, through suggestions from existing friends, or by allowing Facebook to tap into the contacts you have saved in your email or IM program.
  8. 8. Friends & Privacy: Lists Facebook now allows for the creation of customized lists that you can use to increase your privacy by excluding contacts from viewing specific content such as individual wall posts or particular photo albums. You can also use lists to organize Friends and send messages & invites to specific groups. 1. 3. 2. 5. Search & select 4. Choose a name friends to add for this custom to the list. list. 7. After creating a list, you will be able to return to your Go to one of the8. 6. Privacy settings. Just individual drop click on “Customize down menus & settings”. choose “Custom”. 9. Enter the Name of your list in “Hide this from”.
  9. 9. The Wall Your “Wall” is where you can post your updates. Updates can be a few words, a small paragraph, a web link, or even a photo or video. Your status updates & public messages from Friends will appear under your basic info and photo banner.You may allow friends & even visitors to write on your wall. They can also comment on or “Like” what has been posted if you allow it. Whether or not others can post and/or view content on your wall is controlled from the Privacy settings. If you have permission, you may post on your friends’ walls.
  10. 10. For More Help Updated: 4/27/11Facebook for Dummiesby Abram, Carolyn & Leah Pearlman. 2010Non-fiction 006.7 AbrFacebook: The Missing Manualby Vander Veer, Emily A. 2008.Non-fiction 006.7 VanThe Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connectingthe Worldby Kirkpatrick, David. 2010.Non-fiction 338.761 KirThe Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook: A Tale of Sex,Money, Genius and Betrayalby Mezrich, Ben. 2010.Non-fiction 006.7 MezA Guide to the New Facebook Home Page Resources for Beginners Things You Shouldnt Do On Facebook video tutorials, try going to and searching for “Facebook”or “Facebook for beginners” or “introduction to Facebook”.You can also try these same searches in Google. Use the “Videos” selection thatappears on the left hand side of the page to narrow your results to just videos.