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Social enterprise webinar resource guide final2


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Resource Guide for Participants in SPR Social Enterprise Webinar for REXO sites.

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Social enterprise webinar resource guide final2

  1. 1. SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  REFERENCE  GUIDE:   Tools,  Websites,  Reports  &  Resources      WHAT  IS  A  SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE?  A  social  enterprise  is  an  organization  or  venture  that  achieves  its  primary  social  or  environmental  mission  using  business  methods.  Source:  Social  Enterprise  Alliance:­‐­‐is-­‐social-­‐enterprise     Examples  of  Social  Enterprises  and  Social  Enterprise   Networks  (cited)     Portland  Re-­‐Building  Center  –  Medium-­‐scale,  community  based,  de-­‐ construction  services  and  re-­‐use  retail  store.     Goodwill  Industries–  Large-­‐scale  international  non-­‐profit  organization   offering  retail  and  contract  employment  services  and  providing  jobs   and  job  training  and  placement  assistance  to  individuals.­‐us/     Ben  &  Jerry’s  “Partnershops”  –  Small-­‐scale  ice-­‐cream  shops  and  kiosks   offering  job-­‐training  opportunities  to  disadvantaged  young  people:­‐shops/partnershops/.  Good  example  of   another  trend  –  moving  away  from  “special  shops”  and  looking  to  create   more  opportunities  for  disadvantaged  young  people  in  regular  shops.       Tom’s  Shoes  (company)  and  Friends  of  Tom’s  (foundation).  First  Annual   Report  (also  featured  in  Good  Magazine  2010)­‐report     Social  Enterprise  Alliance1  (network  of  social  enterprises  and  champions)­‐     Catalyst  Kitchens  (network  of  social  enterprises  in  the  culinary  space,   McMurphy’s/St.  Patrick’s  is    a  member)                                                                                                                  1  Hear  ye,  hear  ye!  SEA  and  GreatNonpofits  are  partnering  on  a  project  to  lend  visibility  to  organizations  in  the  job-­‐training  space.  Announced  January  6,  2012.­‐­‐news/sea-­‐and-­‐greatnonprofits-­‐partner-­‐to-­‐provide-­‐exposure-­‐for-­‐nonprofit-­‐social-­‐enterprises    RExO  Generation  Three  2012     January  18,  2012  Social  Policy  Research  Associates                                  Page  1  of  6  
  2. 2.­‐we-­‐are     Social  Earth  hosts  a  directory  of  social  enterprises  (and  kindred  spirits)­‐list           HISTORY  OF  SOCIAL  ENTERPRISES:  EMERGENCE  OF   “FIELD”     Brief  history/typology  of  social  enterprises.     Evolution  of  the  Social  Enterprise  Industry:  Chronology  of  Key   Events  (publication  says  2008,  but  it’s  been  updated  through  at   least  2010).  Available  here  along  with  a  myriad  of  other  related   publications.       ILO  Introduction  to  Social  Enterprise  Learners’  Guide  (developed   for  South  Africa,  but  offers  basics  for  beginners  and  a  self-­‐ assessment).     Social  Enterprise:  A  Portrait  of  the  Field  (2010)­‐doc/Field%20Study%20FINAL.pdf     8  profiles  of  social  enterprises  from  Innovation@CFED  (formerly   Center  for  Enterprise  Development)     REDF  (Roberts  Enterprise  Development  Fund)  offers  a  vast   collection  of  resources  on  Social  Enterprises  (and  runs/invests   in  them  too).­‐from-­‐redf             2  
  3. 3.     GRANTS,  MONEY,  PRIZES,  COMPETTIONS  &  INCUBATORS  FOR   SOCIAL  ENTERPRISES       130  Way  to  Fund  Your  Social  Venture  (SocialEarth)­‐ways-­‐to-­‐fund-­‐your-­‐social-­‐venture   NED’s  list  of  210  funding  sources  for  social  entrepreneurs,  social  enterprises,   social  ventures,  and  social  innovation.     Emergent  By  Design‘s  (Vanessa  Miemis)  list  of  93  incubators,  hubs  and   collaboratories  for  social  innovation  and  social  enterprise.­‐superhero-­‐schools-­‐ collaboratories-­‐incubators-­‐accelerators-­‐hubs-­‐for-­‐social-­‐tech-­‐innovation/     William  James  Foundation’s  list  of  Prizes  and  Competitions  for  Socially   Responsible  (SR)  and  Sustainable  Businesses. eId=905     Mashable’s  list  of  Crowdfunding  platforms  for  social  good  (note:  there  are   hundreds  of  platforms,  but  this  is  a  good  list  to  begin  with).­‐platforms-­‐ social-­‐good/     Yale  Center  for  Business  and  the  Environment’s  list  of  Social  and   Environmental  Business  Plan  Competitions  (from  2010,  but  many  are  annual).­‐venture-­‐ prize/business-­‐plan-­‐competitions         MEDIA     Stanford  Social  Innovation  Review  –  magazine  and  all  things   media  in  the  social  innovation  space       3  
  4. 4. GOOD  –  A  (news)  media  site  with  a  focus  on  social  good.  Fantastic   daily  updates  and  data  visualizations  in  print  and  online     Harvard  University’s  Project  on  Social  Innovation:     The  Guardian’s  Social  Enterprise  Network/Blog:­‐enterprise-­‐network         EVENTS     Thank  you  @socialbrite  for  this  SuperGuide  to  Nonprofit  and   Social  Change  Events!­‐of-­‐2012-­‐ nonprofit-­‐social-­‐change-­‐  conferences/         TWITTER     Common  Twitter  hashtags  for  content  about  social  enterprises:   #socent  #socinn  #socap  #npo  #nfp  #impinv   Brand  new  December  2011  top  45  list:­‐hashtags-­‐for-­‐social-­‐ change/           OUR  FAVORITE  5  RECENT  BOOKS     Mission  Inc.:  The  Practitioners  Guide  to  Social  Enterprise  (Social   Venture  Network,  2009)   The  Power  of  Social  Innovation:  How  Civic  Entrepreneurs  Ignite   community  Networks  for       4  
  5. 5.   Good  (Stephen  Goldsmith,  Gigi  Georges,  Tim  Glynn  Burke,  2010)     The  Social  Entrepreneur’s  Handbook:  How  to  Start,  Build  and  Run   a  Business  that  Improves  the  World  (Rupert  Scofield,  2011)     Succeeding  at  Social  Enterprise:  Hard  Won  Lessons  for   Nonprofits  and  Social  Entrepreneurs  (Social  Enterprise  Alliance,   2010)     The  World  that  Changes  the  World:  How  Philanthropy,   Innovation,  and  Entrepreneurship  are  Transforming  the  Social   Ecosystem  (Willie  Cheng,  Sharifah  Mohamed,  2010)           FUN  AND  CURRENT     Marketplace  Story  about  the  value  of  helping  formerly   incarcerated  individuals  find    employment  (January  2012) /what-­‐now-­‐crime-­‐economy     SEToolbelt  Resource  Competition  launches  February  2,  2012     Kristin  Wolff’s  video  pick  of  the  week  re:  social  good:     NPR  Morning  Edition  story  about  a  social  enterprise  that  employs  ex-­‐offenders  in   deconstructing  and  recycling  mattresses  (January  2012)­‐recycling-­‐company-­‐springs-­‐from-­‐ old-­‐mattresses        __________________________________________________________       5  
  6. 6. LINKS  TO  SOCIAL  ENTERPRISE  WEBINAR  SPEAKERS  AND  THEIR  ORGANIZATIONS  St.  Patrick’s  Center  McMurphy’s  Grill/Express­‐training/mcmurphys-­‐grill/  BEGIN  (Incubator)­‐training/bnvc/  Nancy  Box:  Jan  DeYoung:  Social  Policy  Research  Associates:    __________________________________________________________    How  do  I  get  the  Webinar  slides  and  another  copy  of  this  document?  Questions?  Ask  Kristin  Wolff  (kwolff@thinkers-­‐and-­‐doers,  @kristinwolff)     6