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Six Simulation


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SIX12 WEadership Simulation

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Six Simulation

  1. 1. THE GLOBAL PROSPERITY FOUNDATION COLLABORATORYNovember  27,  2012Welcome  to  Sixtown!  The  community  is  diverse  –  people  speak  many  languages  and  pracCce  all  kinds  of  religious  and  other  tradiCons.  The  economy  is  also  diverse:  the  two  largest  industries  are  advanced  manufacturing  and  agriculture,  and  niche  sectors  like  music  producCon,  chocolate,  and  coffee  are  the  darlings  residents  like  to  celebrate.  The  quality  of  life  is  very  good,  as  reported  by  residents  and  visitors  alike.But  theres  a  downside:  the  regions  overall  prosperity  masks  the  lack  of  opportunity  for  key  groups  of  people  whose  numbers  are  growing:   n Young  people  –  1  in  4  are  unemployed n Mature  residents,  who  either  must  work  for  financial  reasons  or  would  like  to   work  for  personal  ones,  also  face  long  odds  –  1  in  3  are  unemployed  or   underemployed n Immigrants  (largely  skilled,  but  with  language  barriers)  and  migrants  (primarily   from  rural  communiCes)  confront  even  greater  challenges  –  half  are  neither  in   work  or  school.TradiConal  educaCon,  job  training,  job  search  assistance,  and  entrepreneurship  programs  exist  but  are  oversubscribed  and  yield  poor  outcomes  with  these  groups.  However  a  social  enterprise  called  WorkMatters launched  two  years  ago  that  has  shown  tremendous  promise,  especially  with  the  young,  the  experienced,  and  those  who’ve  recently    arrived  in  Sixtown.  WorkMatters, a  non-­‐profit  organizaCon,  was  founded  with  a  small  foundaCon  grant,  and  then  launched  a  for-­‐profit  venture  that  roasts  and  sells  sustainable  coffee  to  earn  revenue  to  support  its  work  –  and  employment  for  those  most  in  need.  WorkMatters has  created  many  opportuniCes  for  those  leX  behind  in  the  current  labor  market:  it  has  organized  groups  of  on-­‐line  learners,  created  new  kind  of  internships  and  apprenCceships,  paired  skilled  older  residents  with  younger  ones  for  learning  and  mentoring,  helped  people  raise  capital  to  start  their  own  firms  through  share  economy  plaYorms,  and  more.  The  organizaCon  has  learned  a  great  deal  about  what  works  (and  what  doesn’t)  to  help  people  build  careers.Although  its  numbers  are  small  –  it  has  helped  100  people  move  out  of  poverty  at  a  fracCon  of  the  cost  of  tradiConal  programs  –  many  clients  conCnue  to  advance,  some  spectacularly  so.  
  2. 2. In  addiCon,  WorkMa[ers  clients  are  its  most  enthusiasCc  champions  –  they  have  capitalized  new  programs  on  Kickstarter  and  made  t-­‐shirts  on  Zazzle.  Work Matters  is  growing  and  trying  new  things  now,  but  wants  to  share  lessons  in  ways  that  help  all  community  organizaCons  be[er  meet  employment  needs.  Funders  have  proposed  many  ideas  for  sharing  informaCon  to  government,  philanthropic,  and  business  leaders  –  partnerships,  shared  or  co-­‐branded  iniCaCves,  joint  documentaCon  of  effecCve  pracCces,  mutual  mentoring,  and  many  others.  But  Sixtown  leaders  have  not  reciprocated.  They  admire  WorkMatters accomplishments  –  but  from  afar.   n Agency  programs  are  guided  by  precedent  and  protocols  handed  down  over   the  years  that  are  resistant  to  change.   n Governments  have  limitaCons  on  how  they  might  "partner"  in  ways  that  do   not  show  favoriCsm.   n Some  longCme  community  leaders  arent  sure  they  want  to  be  "advised"  by  an   upstart  enterprise  with  only  two  years  of  experience.   n And  business  leaders  liked  WorkMatters when  it  was  a  bouCque  operaCon,   but  now  the  enterprise  is  pressuring  CEOs  to  change  hiring  and  development   pracCces,  creaCng  anxiety  in  corporate  boardrooms  all  over  the  city.SCll,  these  leaders  do  want  to  improve  prospects  for  educaCon,  training,  jobs,  and  careers  for  residents  in  their  communiCes  who  are  not  gedng  a  fair  shake.  You  are  a  community  leader  from  outside  the  region,  brought  in  by  the  Global  Prosperity  FoundaCon,  to  coach  your  peers  through  this  problem.  We  invite  you,  working  with  colleagues,  to  advise  Sixtown  leaders  on  how  they  might  lead  differently  to  realize  the  best  possible  outcomes  for  the  most  people,  firms,  and  organizaCons  in  Sixtown.The  most  promising  approach,  as  determined  by  Sixtown  leaders,  will  be  awarded  a  generous  grant  (the  Collaboratory  Prize)  to  help  scale  a  social  innovaCon  in  your  home  community.Thank  you  for  your  parCcipaCon!RespecYully,  Global  Prosperity  FoundaCon  Trustees PA G E 2