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Resources on Regions


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I developed this for a breakfast meeting of Imagination Coast, a regional collaborative seeking to advance an innovation agenda in and around Monterey Bay, CA. The event was held Jan 20, 2011 at the Sustainability Academy in Monterey. A presentation called "Adventures in Regional Collaboration" (also published here) accompanies it.

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Resources on Regions

  1. 1. Resources on Regions/Regional Collaboration<br />Think-tanks & Thought-leaders<br />Association of Public Land-grant Universities<br />Brookings (Metropolitan Policy Program in particular)<br />California Center for Regional Leadership<br />CEOs for Cities<br />Center for American Progress<br />The Center for the Edge (Deloitte)<br />Community and Regional Resilience Institute (CARRI)<br />*Council on Competitiveness<br />Harvard Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness<br />*Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD),2987,en_2649_201185_1_1_1_1_1,00.html<br />Regional Studies Association (UK)<br />UC Berkeley Center for Urban and Regional Development<br />Papers & Articles<br />The Acceleration Agenda: Job Creation, Innovation & Economic Development in the 21st Century, Dan Carol. New Policy Institute, 2010.<br />*Collaborate: Leading Regional Innovation Clusters. Council on Competitiveness, 2010.<br />Collaborative Regional Initiatives: Civic Entrepreneurs Work to Fill the Governance Gap, Judith Inns and Jane Rongerude. IURD, Berkeley, 2005.<br />*Creating Jobs from the Bottom Up, Mary Walshok. Sign-On San Diego, Jan. 2010.<br />The Geography of Innovation: The Federal Government and the Growth of Regional Innovation Clusters, Jonathon Sallet, Ed Paisley, Justin Masterman. Science Progress (an initiative of the Center for American Progress), 2009.<br />*How Regions Grow. OECD Policy Brief, March 2009<br />*Illuminate. Asset-Mapping Roadmap: A Guide to Assessing Regional Development Resources. Council on Competitiveness, 2007.<br />Innovation and Growth: Chasing a Moving Frontier, eds. Vendana Chandra, Deniz Erocal, Pier Carlo Padoan, Carlos A. Primo Braga. OECD, 2009.,3343,en_2649_37417_44268835_1_1_1_37417,00.html<br />A New Paradigm for Economic Development: How Higher Education Institutions Are Working to Revitalize Their Regional and State Economies, David F. Schaffer and David J. Wright. Rockefeller Institute, 2010.<br />*Nurturing America’s Growth in the Global Marketplace Through Talent Development: Interim Report on the Evaluation of Generations II & III WIRED, Public Policy Associates & W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research (2009).<br />The Power of Partnership: American Regions Collaborating for Economic Competitiveness: 2009 Generation I WIRED Interim Evaluation Report, Berkeley Policy Associates & UC San Diego Extension (2009).<br />A Review of Local Economic and Employment Development Policy Approaches in OECD Countries: Case Study of Regional Economic Development Approaches, Jonathon Potter, Marco Marchese. OECD LEED Programme, 2010.<br />*Regional Development Policies in OECD Countries. OECD, 2010.<br />Social Innovation, Infrastructure & Rebuilding, Judith Rodin. Innovations: Vol. 5. Issue 3, 2010.<br />Universities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Criteria and Examples of Good Practice, Andrea-Rosalinde Hofer and Jonathon Potter. OECD LEED Programme, 2009.<br />Journals & (regular) Publications<br />Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society<br />Good Magazine<br />*Innovations: Technology, Governance, Globalization<br />Videos<br />Collection of videos on Regions, Innovation, Economic Development:<br />Derek Sivers: How to Start of Movement in Three Minutes (TED Talk)<br />*Your Own Videos, widely shared on YouTube, Vimeo, something similar.<br />