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Prosperity prize scenario industry


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This is a facilitators guide for the industry version of the leadership simulation.

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Prosperity prize scenario industry

  1. 1. Workforce  Leadership  Project    Prosperity  Prize  Scenario  –  Industry  Simulation     1      Welcome    [As  participants  enter  the  room…]  FACILITATOR  1  &  2  hand  to  each  participant  an  envelope  containing  the  briefing  letter  and  a  nametag  with  role  assignment.  FACILITATOR  3  passes  out  and  collects  sign-­‐in  sheet.  FACILITATOR  1:    Thank  you  for  coming  to  our  community  planning  session.    As  you  know,  we  need  help  from  all  quarters,  and  you  [assign  role]  are  a  critical  partner.    Here  is  your  briefing  material,  please  find  a  seat  and  sign-­in.  We  will  get  started  in  a  minute.  _________________________________________________________________________________________________  BRIEFING  BEGINS  [Facilitator  1  &  2  are  at  the  front  of  the  room.]  FACILITATOR  1:  Thank  you  for  coming  to  this  important  briefing.  I  am  [facilitator  1  name],  Prosperity  Foundation  Program  Manager  and  lead  staff  on  Springfield’s  P-­Prize  Project.  My  colleague  is  [facilitator  2  name],  Mayor  Simpson’s  Make-­It-­Happen  specialist  and  lead  staff  on  the  P  Prize  Project.  [Facilitator  2]  has  been  working  with  us  at  the  Foundation  to  make  sure  citizens  and  business  and  community  leaders  have  the  opportunity  to  contribute  to  Prosperity  Prize  planning  and  implementation.  First  let  me  say  what  an  honor  it  is  for  the  Prosperity  Foundation  to  help  you  reimagine  and  rebuild  prosperity  in  the  City  of  Springfield.  As  a  native  of  the  city,  I  have  watched  as  we  grasped  at  one  straw  after  another,  never  managing  to  channel  sufficient  resources  into  what  were  otherwise  sound  strategies  for  a  better  future.  It  is  my  hope  and  life’s  ambition  to  make  sure  the  P  Prize  fills  that  gap.  As  you  may  know,  Springfield  emerged  as  a  finalist  during  the  Foundation’s  last  Board  meeting,  but  it  was  the  serious  commitment  of  the  Mayor,  City  Council,  Chambers  and  Business  Associations,  and  citizens  from  across  the  region  to  drawing  on  our  manufacturing  heritage  to  support  the  emergence  of  new  industry  in  the  region,  building  on  the  recent  success  of  Greenforce,  and  its  wildly  successful  clean-­fuel  commercial  engine.  In  this,  the  first  of  our  community  engagement  sessions,  we  plan  to  solicit  your  input    -­  to  inform  our  initial  strategic  approach.      
  2. 2. Workforce  Leadership  Project    Prosperity  Prize  Scenario  –  Industry  Simulation     2        Most  of  you  are  from  the  City  of  Springfield,  Lincoln  County  or  surrounding  area.  We  called  you  here  for  one  of  three  reasons:   1. You  were  nominated  by  your  neighbors,  colleagues,  and  peers  as  “people  in  the   know”  about  the  content  of  our  work  –  you  might  have  industry  knowledge,   data  expertise,  or  experience  in  workforce  development,  cornerstones  of  the  P   Prize  approach.     2. You  have  demonstrated  your  capacity  to  organize  communities  around   important  work  in  your  businesses,  agencies,  or  organizations.   3. You  are  an  operations  person  –  you  know  how  to  get  things  done,  measure   progress  toward  big  goals,  and  improve  processes  along  the  way.    Today,  we  need  your  help.  You  will  be  divided  into  teams  and  asked  to  begin  working  on  a  five-­minute  briefing  for  City  Leaders  on  next  steps  for  the  Prosperity  Project.  But  first,  for  those  of  you  who  missed  either  yesterday’s  press  conference  or  this  morning’s  newscast  on  your  commute  here,  we  have  KWRK’s  Alison  Gash  live  in  downtown  Springfield.    [Facilitator  2  name],  Do  we  have  Alison?  FACILITATOR  2  responds  and  plays  video.    FACILITATOR  1:  In  20  minutes  we  will  be  linked  to  City  Hall,  where  the  Mayor,  City  Officials  and  Prosperity  Foundation  Trustees  will  want  to  hear  from  you.  We  will  need  each  of  your  teams  to  provide  a  5-­minute  briefing  that  addresses  the  following  questions:  1. What  are  the  most  important  goals  we  should  aspire  to  in  order  to  move  us  toward   regional  prosperity  –  buoyed  by  a  strong  manufacturing  industry  -­  by  2016?  2. What  are  the  most  essential  industry/jobs/workforce  strategies  we  should  employ   and  why?  What  policies  would  need  to  shift  in  order  to  implement  these  strategies?  3. What  are  the  most  critical  community-­wide  engagement  approaches  strategies  we   need  to  employ?    Remember,  you  were  asked  here  to  share  your  experience  and  expertise.  We  invite  you  to  be  bold,  courageous,  and  take  a  long  view.  This  is  a  once-­in-­a-­lifetime  opportunity  and  City  leaders  and  Prosperity  Foundation  Trustees  are  looking  to  you  to  help  realize  it.      
  3. 3. Workforce  Leadership  Project    Prosperity  Prize  Scenario  –  Industry  Simulation     3    Questions    FACILITATOR  1:  Oh,  I  see  a  question  from  the  audience?  FACILITATOR  3  (he/she  is  a  plant)  asks  the  following  questions  and  FACILITATOR  1  responds.    Q:  Is  there  anyone  else  we  can  contact  right  now  for  help?  A:  No,  city  leaders  seek  your  input  (and  cell  phones  don’t  work  in  this  room).      Q:  Can  we  leave  the  room?  A:  No,  we  need  your  full  attention  on  this  task.  Q:  Can  we  break  into  smaller  groups  to  work?    A:  You  will  notice  that  you  have  numbers  on  your  nametags.  In  the  event  that  we  had  a  significant  turnout,  and  we  do,  we  assigned  each  of  you  a  number,  and  each  number  a  place  in  the  room  to  work.  Please  break  up  into  your  assigned  groups  to  get  started.  After  that,  you  may  organize  yourselves  in  any  way  you  see  fit.  Okay,  we  need  to  begin.  You  have  20  minutes.  [Facilitator  2]  and  I  will  be  making  sure  you  have  what  you  need  and  are  available  to  help  if  you  get  stuck.  [Facilitator  3],  as  a  volunteer  from  the  audience,  has  offered  to  help  us  document  this  session,  so  he  will  also  be  available  to  assist.  Again,  in  20  minutes,  we  will  be  linked  to  the  City  Council  session  where  City  leaders  and  prosperity  foundation  officials  await  your  input.    Each  group  will  have  five  minutes  to  present.  [Let  participants  work  for  20  minutes.]  FACILITATOR  2:    I  have  the  Prosperity  Team  by  satellite,  are  we  ready  to  report  back?  FACILITATOR  1:    Yes  we  are.  FACILITATOR  2:  Looks  like  we  are  now  ready  for  the  briefing.  Unfortunately  we  only  have  a  one-­way  satellite  link.    We  won’t  be  getting  a  live  feed  from  them  but  they  will  receive  live  feed  from  us.  I’d  like  to  ask  the  first  group  to  present  their  plan  (5  minutes).  [Have  each  group  present.]    
  4. 4. Workforce  Leadership  Project    Prosperity  Prize  Scenario  –  Industry  Simulation     4    After  the  Report-­‐outs    FACILITATOR  1:  Round  of  applause.  Thanks  for  this.    It  is  clear  that  the  Springfielders  are  in  good  hands  –  or  are  they?  Let’s  step  out  of  our  roles  for  a  moment  and  consider  what  just  happened.  We  would  like  to  hear  from  you  about  the  experience  you  just  went  through,  unpack  it  a  bit.    [Asks  the  following  questions  allowing  the  audience  to  respond  before  moving  to  the  next  question.]  On  Leadership:     -­‐ How  did  leaders  in  your  groups  emerge?     -­‐ In  what  ways  did  they  demonstrate  leadership?   -­‐ Did  the  role  of  “leader”  shift  in  your  group?  Why?  When?  What  kinds  of  roles   did  different  leaders  play?  On  Decisions:   -­‐ How  did  you  make  decisions?  What  processes  did  you  use?  What  did  you  do   about  information?  (limitations)  On  Policy,  Challenges,  Changes:   -­‐ What  policy  issues  emerged  that  are  similar  to  those  you  work  with  at  home?   -­‐ What  challenges  would  you  run  into  if  Springfield  were  your  community  and   you  were  charged  with  taking  your  group’s  recommendations  forward?   -­‐ How  would  you  solve  them?   -­‐ What  would  you  have  done  differently  if  you  had  to  do  it  over  again?  In  your  role  as  Business  Service  Representatives,  how  might  you  use  leadership  to  improve  outcomes  in  your  community?  End  of  Activity