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Identity cards


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Used during the prosperity prize simulation.

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Identity cards

  1. 1. Youth Member, Director, SpringfieldLincoln County University TechYouth Council (1) Transfer Program (1)City Economist Employer Services(Springfield) (1) Representative, State Labor Dept (1)Small Manufacturer Director,& Lincoln County Women’s BusinessWIB Member (1) Incubator (1)Bank President & Poet (1)Chair of HispanicChamber (1)Lincoln CountyCollege Business & WildcardIndustry TrainingRep (1) (1) Avery 5371
  2. 2. Director of Program Manager,Apprenticeship, Springfield NationalSpringfield Public Energy Lab (2)Schools (2)Labor Market Employer ServicesAnalyst, Job Crea- Representative,tion & Workforce Springfield UrbanInstitute (2) League (2)Program Manager, Founder,Port of Springfield Launchpad College(2) Entrepreneurship Program (2)Assembly Plant Artist (2)Manager &Member, Chamberof Commerce (2)Program Manager,Personpower Staff- Wildcarding & Training (2) (2) Avery 5371
  3. 3. Director of Program Manager,Apprenticeship, Springfield UIBEW (3) Materials Science Lab (3) Business ServicesState Economist (3) Representative, Lincoln County Commission (3)Program Manager, Staff, SpringfieldSociety of Manufac- Micro-enterpriseturing Engineers (3) Program (3)President, Founder,Springfield Busi- Sustainabusinessness Alliance (3) Alliance (3)Director of DistanceLearning & Training, WildcardOut-of-StateUniversity (3) (3) Avery 5371
  4. 4. Governor’s Special Director of PublicProjects Assistant Affairs, Springfield(4) U (4) Business ServicesCounty Economist Representative,(4) Lincoln County WIB (4)Public Affairs Self-EmploymentDirector, Program Staff,Greenforce En- Springfieldgines, Inc. (4) One-Stop Center (4)President, Small BusinessSpringfield Indus- Owner,trial Corridor Busi- Data Visualizationness Alliance (4) Specialist (4)Career Training &Placement Staff, WildcardSpringfield College(4) (4) Avery 5371
  5. 5. Regional Economic Youth ProgramDevelopment Specialist, City ofSpecialist (5) Springfield (5) Business ServicesLabor Market Representative,Economist, Federal VETS Program (5)Reserve (5)Public Affairs Springfield SmallDirector, BusinessIntol Microproces- Development Cen-sors (5) terDirector of Work- Neighborhoodforce, Springfield EnvironmentalHospitality Industry Activist (5)Association (5)Dean of StudentAffairs, Lincoln WildcardCounty CommunityCollege (5) (5) Avery 5371
  6. 6. Urban Planner, InternshipCity of Springfield Coordinator,(6) Springfield Public Schools (6)Employment Food Systems &Department Labor AgriculturalMarket Economist Industry Consultant(6) (6)Public Affairs Springfield RapidDirector, UnGreen- ResponseForce MFG (6) Coordinator, (6)Director of Work- TANF Programforce, Springfield EmploymentChamber of Com- Specialist (6)merce (6)Program Manager,Springfield U WildcardCollege PlacementOffice (6) (6) Avery 5371
  7. 7. Business & Industry Public OutreachServices Rep, Coordinator,Springfield WIB & Springfield Com-One Stop System munity Hospital (7)Labor Market Owner, FreeBirdEconomist, Job Jewelry MFG, Inc.Creation Institute (7)(7)Lincoln County En- Springfield “Jobsvironmental Serv- for All” Programices Program Staff Coordinator (7)(7)Economic Very enthusiasticIncentives Special- job-seeking neigh-ist Springfield Ec- bor of GreenforceDev Engines, Inc. (7)Program Manager,Society of Human WildcardResourceManagement (7) (7) Avery 5371