American Samoa NEG Project Lessons


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American Samoa (and neighboring islands) suffered from a devastating tsunami in 2009. This slide deck is about the i

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  • Vinz can walk people through the website.Vinz – let them know that report and video will be loaded in next couple weeks and we will send links to everyone who registered for webinar._____________________________
  • Storygatherer videos________________________
  • Resources and source documents.______________________________
  • Contact from website should go to Tau and Lika on the website, but keep Vinz & Kristin here.__________________________
  • Embrace the broader workforce agenda that has evolved since the launch of the NEG.Four dimensions:Deepening and strengthening formal and informal relationships with territorial and federal agencies on- and off-island.Collaborating with government and private-sector partners throughout the pacific region. Advancing innovation (including social enterprise), while effectively managing risk. Shift away from “program” as the heart of workforce development and toward the idea that workforce development is about a set of people management and development practices that can be adopted in any workplace2. Engage the extended family (‘aiga’) network. Reinforce and continue to explore opportunities for off-island education, training, development for residents of American Samoa, while also seeking opportunities for US mainland residents or those from the Pacific region (Samoans and others) to learn and work in American Samoa, and reaching out to those who have returned home from military service, education, or off-island careers in particular. The networks are as important and skills and work experience in job-finding and career-making._________________________
  • 3. Employ technology strategically to advance the broader workforce agenda, and cultivate more and more diverse training and job opportunities for American Samoans of all ages. Four dimensions:Online education, learning, trainingNon-traditional employment (contract, online, self-employment, etc.)Improved workforce dataSocial mediaVinz and Kristin handle chat.____________________
  • American Samoa NEG Project Lessons

    1. 1. What the US Mainland Can LearnFrom a Small Island in the SouthPacific: American Samoas NEG Experience December 28, 2012 Evelyn Vaitautolu-Langford, American Samoa DHR Vinz Koller & Kristin Wolff, SPR
    2. 2. Participant Poll #1“I have traveled…” - South of the equator - To the South Pacific - To American Samoa - To the island of Ofu
    3. 3. Participant Poll #2 “My community has managed…” - A National Emergency Grant(NEG) - An NEG Disaster Grant - Neither of these
    4. 4. Key Points1. Community & employer engagement in OJT/WE Programs2. “Training” as a skill- and market- building strategy3. Building skills that create choices4. Regionalism5. Why this approach to program review?
    5. 5. le mafuli a puouLike an uprooted puou, it will not die but grow again
    6. 6. Let’s share…Q1: What’s oneidea, image, phrase or factsurprised you as youwatched the video orlistened to Evelyn?
    7. 7. Let’s share…Q2: What’s one idea forchanging something in yourown program or organizationinspired by what you learnedtoday?
    8. 8. Let’s share…Q3: Based on what you’veheard today, what do youthink are the key lessonsAmerican Samoa’sexperience offers theworkforce system on themainland?
    9. 9. Questions forPresenters? (use chat)
    10. 10. Questions? Vinz Koller - 831-277-4726Kristin Wolff - 503-888-1022Social Policy Research Associates (
    11. 11. Observations• Embrace Broader Workforce Agenda• Engage extended family & social network (on and off- island)• Employ technology strategically
    12. 12. Observations• Embrace Broader Workforce Agenda• Engage extended family & social network (on and off- island)• Employ technology strategically