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PFP, DPP & ITE Joint Admission Exercise Briefing Slides


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PFP, DPP & ITE Joint Admission Exercise Briefing Slides

  1. 1. JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOL Progression Pathway after GCE ‘N’ Level1
  2. 2. Progression Pathway JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOL for Sec 4N(A) Students University JC (2 years) NAFA/ Polytechnic Polytechnic Polytechnic Centralised LaSalle (3 years) (3 years) (2 years) (3 years) Institute, MI (3 years) ITE Higher ITE (DPP) (PFP) Nitec Nitec ITE Polytechnic (2 years) (2 years) Higher Nitec Foundation (2 years) Programme + (1 year) 10 weeks Prep Prog GCE O Level - Sec 5N(A) (1 year) GCE N Level - Sec 4N(A)2
  3. 3. JUNYUAN Computation of SECONDARY SCHOOL ELMAB3 EL - English MA - Mathematics B3 - Other Best 3 Subjects At least Grade 5 or better for all subjects used in computation of ELMAB33
  4. 4. Progression Pathway JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOL for Sec 4N(A) Students ELMAB3 Pathways ELMAB3 < 11 Eligible to be ITE DES-to-Poly Polytechnic (all 5 subjects must be promoted to Prog (DPP) - Foundation grade 3 or better) Sec 5N(A) Higher Nitec Prog (PFP) Eligible to be ITE DES-to-Poly ELMAB3 < 19 promoted to Prog (DPP) - Sec 5N(A) Higher Nitec ELMAB3 = 20 or 21 or ELB3 < 14 Eligible to be or MAB3 < 14 retained in Sec ITE - Nitec and sat for GCE N(A) only 4N(A) once previously, < 20 years of age as at 1 Jan 2013 ELMAB3 > 22 ITE - Nitec4
  5. 5. JUNYUAN Polytechnic Foundation SECONDARY SCHOOL Programme (PFP) • For N(A) students who are academically strong and clearly polytechnic bound • PFP eligibility: ELMAB3 ≤ 11 points • Suitable for students with blended learning styles (conceptual and applied)5
  6. 6. JUNYUAN ITE DES-to-Poly Prog SECONDARY SCHOOL (DPP) • For N(A) students who are fairly strong academically • DPP eligibility: ELMAB3 ≤ 19 points • Suitable for students whose learning styles are more application-based and hands-on • Advantage of choosing DPP over Sec 5N • Direct entry to Higher Nitec, which is otherwise only available for O-level holders • Students assured of 1st or 2nd year place in related poly Diploma course, if they attain qualifying GPA scores6
  7. 7. JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOL Application for PDP/DPP • Eligible students will receive a form with a PIN upon release of N-level results • They should use PIN to log on to PFP/DPP website to create an account • A password will then be emailed to them for online application for PFP/DPP • PFP: application phase from 17 Dec – 19 Dec • DPP: application phase from 17 Dec – 20 Dec • Release of application outcome by SMS/email on 24 Dec • Students to log on to account and accept/reject PFP/DPP offer from 24 Dec – 26 Dec7
  8. 8. JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOL Conditional Offers for PFP and DPP • Students who offer a mix of ‘N’ and ‘O’ level subjects can be given conditional offers to PFP/DPP based on N-level actual results and O-level prelim results • Students who accept firm/conditional offers will not be enrolled into Sec 5 • Students whose conditional offers are withdrawn after the release of O-level results will be admitted to Sec 58
  9. 9. JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOL PFP Operational Timeline: Dec’12 – Jan’13 Official release of Official release of GCE ‘O’-results GCE ‘N’-results (tentative) 17 Dec 10 Jan (Mon) (Thu) Polys notify Students who Release of applicants on were posting outcome to unsuccessful or results to Conditional rejected PFP to students Offers & appeals return to 5N Release of Firm/ Conditional Offers Online Online Application Application Phase Acceptance Phase Acceptance (Round 1) Phase (Round 2) Phase 17 Dec 19 Dec 24 Dec 26 Dec 10 Jan 12 Jan 16 Jan 18 Jan 21 Jan (Mon) (Wed) (Mon) (Wed) (Thu) (Sat) (Wed) (Fri) (Mon)9
  10. 10. DPP Operational Timeline: JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOL Dec’12 – Jan’13 Official release of Release of 1st GCE ‘N’ Phase results results (24 Dec 12) Campus Reporting Jan 13 Term Acceptance Commencement 1st Appl for of Offer 1st Application Phase (Main Phase) Period Registration (7 Jan 13) GCE N(A) + School-based ‘O’ results 17 Dec 20 Dec 21 Dec 24 Dec 26 Dec 2 Jan 4 Jan 7 Jan (Mon) (Thu) (Fri) (Mon) (Wed) (Wed) (Fri) (Mon) Official release of GCE ‘O’ results Release of 2nd Campus Phase results Reporting (28 Dec 13) for Confirmation of Posting for 1st and 2nd Phase Registration Applicants with school-based ‘O’ results Acceptance of 2nd Application Phase (2nd Phase) 2nd Appl Period GCE N(A) + School-based ‘O’ results Offer 24 Dec 26 Dec 28 Dec 2 Jan 4 Jan 10 Jan (Mon) (Wed) (Fri) (Wed) (Fri) (Thu) Release of 3rd Phase results Last batch of successful applicants to report to (16 Jan 13) school and start training Acceptance 3rd Appl Period of 3rd Application Phase (Final Phase) Offer GCE N(A) + Actual ‘O’ results 10 Jan 14 Jan 16 Jan 17 Jan 18 Jan (Thu) (Mon) (Wed) (Thu) (Fri)10
  11. 11. JUNYUANFor further info on PFP SECONDARY SCHOOLand DPPOn PFP: DPP:
  12. 12. Application to ITE Courses JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOL (Joint Intake Exercise ‘N’) Activity Date 17th Dec (Mon), 2.30 pm Application Period to 20th Dec (Thu), 5pm Release for Courses with Interview Requirement 21st Dec (Fri), from 2.00 pm Interview for Courses with Interview Requirement 24th Dec (Mon) or 26th Dec (Wed) Release of Application Results 28th Dec (Fri), from 9.00 am Acceptance of Offer 28th Dec (Mon) to 2nd Jan (Wed), 12pm Registration at Colleges 2nd Jan (Wed) to 4th Jan (Fri) Appeal 28th Dec (Mon) to 2nd Jan (Wed) Release of Course Interview Details under Appeal Phase 4th Jan (Fri), from 9am Interview for Courses with Interview 8th Jan (Tue) Requirement under Appeal Phase Release of Appeal Results 10 Jan (Thu)12
  13. 13. JUNYUAN SECONDARY SCHOOL Promotion to Sec 5N(A) Retention at Sec 4N(A) • Students eligible to be promoted to Sec 5N(A) will be given a BLUE application form. • Students eligible to be retained at Sec 4N(A) will be given a GREEN application form. • All forms are to be submitted to the school general office by 28th December 2012, 12 pm. (Inclusive of students who rejects the offer)13