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  1. 1. • My magazine is a Mainstream music magazine that’s aimed at teenagers and some middle aged people. Mainstream music includes R&B, Pop, Hip Hop etc. • In this presentation I will discuss how I have represented different social groups in my magazine.
  2. 2. • • • • • Chloe is represented as a big mainstream R&B star (Cassie), the facial expressions on the photos I used shows a bit of attitude but also approachable. She seems rich and young. Eye makeup and lipstick is used to give her a touch of glamour. The costume chosen is a black crop top helps bring out the genre she’s representing. I based this on the R&B star Tulisa. Black also seems modern. The crop top adds to the sex appeal for the model. In summery Chloe is represented as a glamorous, modern R&B star with a bit of an attitude. Makeup, clothing and facial expressions are used to bring about this effect.
  3. 3. • I was able to build on the initial representation of her on the front cover by using language in the double page article. • The language used was informal and I made her sound very energetic and poppy by using explanation marks and sentences that showed excitement. e.g. “Hell yeah!”. • This will make her seem more approachable and not too glamorous/posh.
  4. 4. • Kat represents a typical girl next door that has made it to the top (Claire), she is wearing a pink top which represents the pop genre that she is a part of. The makeup is not excessive for a 18 year old girl and she facial expression is smiley and friendly, which shows her as a youthful poppy girl that is not very popular/rich yet.
  5. 5. • Troy is represented as a typical youth rapper. The facial expression is intense and serious. The body language shows he’s confident. He also represents the black ethnic group, the hair and clothing helps bring out this. The DUFFER hoodie used to show him in fashion or what he would call “swag”.
  6. 6. • Phil is represented as a typical teenager who produces songs. The clothing chosen is a urban and in with the times. Most 18 year boys wear snapbacks these days, therefor he follows the trend. The lack of facial expression also adds to the serious effect of the character.
  7. 7. Females - Females are not over sexualised in my magazine as all of the females featured wear fairly modest clothing, but not clothing that will take away from their sex appeal. E.g. Chloe on my double page Males - Males are represented popular but not over the top, for example rapper and producer troy is not wearing excessive bling, Phil doesn’t have too many tattoos. Ethnic Groups – inTune is multicultural and therefore represents many different groups and cultures. Classes – Both rich and fairly middle class are represented in my magazine, Cassie is rich and very popular while Claire is middle class upcoming.
  8. 8. • In the main article, the media/music industry is shown in a positive light, for example Cassie getting an opportunity to act, Beyonce being like a mentor etc. This is different to some articles where the industry is portrayed
  9. 9. • My magazine is a mainstream magazine like the billboard magazine and therefore has a young RnB singer on the cover. The facial expressions, clothing represents this genre as more mature that for example a pure pop magazine but not as hard-core as a rock magazine. • My magazine for example wouldn’t have rock singers who are usually middle aged and is very distinct in their clothing, this is a social group my magazine wouldn’t represent. • The housestyle, fonts and layout also affects how the genre is represented, for example on mainstream music maagazines the layout is fairly clean and non cluttered in comparison to a rock magazine.