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Server and Client side comparision


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presentation on the benefits and advantages of client side and server side scripting

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Server and Client side comparision

  1. 1.  Server side scripting is used in website design and involves embedding scripts in HTML code which results in a client request to the server being handled by the script.  When the users request is fulfilled the script is run on the web server to create dynamic web pages.  Server side scripting is useful when websites need to be interactive and respond with a database  Some benefits of server side scripting are:  Doesn’t require plugins to be downloaded  Templates can be used for an entire site  Load times are faster but can be dependant on server  Scripts are hidden from view, even if viewing source
  2. 2.  Client side scripting is where the client has all the process’s being performed on the client computer  The web server will send the files on request to the users web browser which executes the script and displays the document  Examples:  Compiling will be done on the computer  Communications between the browser and the application  JavaScript is purely client side but there is a derision for server side
  3. 3. • PHP is a server side scripting language which is used primarily for web development, PHP can be used alongside HTML making it a more adaptable language than some • Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general purpose programming language, this means that it can be used in a variety of software development applications and as its dynamic and reflective it offers extra features during runtime compared to static programming • Python is a general purpose programming language which means it can be used for a variety of software applications such as web server scripting or creating applications and forms.
  4. 4.  Server side JavaScript is a derivation of standard JavaScript language and there are many implementations of it  ASP.NET is an open source server side web application framework released alongside version 1 of .NET framework. ASP.NET allows for more dynamic web pages to be created
  5. 5.  Some of the main functions of server side scripting is for use in websites like amazon or eBay for processing shopping carts where the site has to respond to a database every time an order is placed or an item is put in a basket  Also forms on websites will be stored on servers because as they need to collect personal data, server side scripts are more secure and therefore can process and store the data securely in a database  Because client side scripting can not communicate with a database, websites where there is a large stock held in a database need server side scripts.
  6. 6.  In server side scripting there is use of “cookies”  When you go on a site and use a form to login, such as Amazon, Facebook, Google+ or any other account held website your data is collected by the server scripts into a cookie.  Each user has their own cookie which is only active while the user is logged in and scrolling through pages  A cookie works by remembering user data and then recognizing the same user from their data every time they open a new page on the same web site  As soon as you log out or close the web site down the cookie gets deleted and removed from the server  The next time you login a new cookie will be created.
  7. 7.  Can communicate with a database  Can allow for dynamic websites  The server deals with all server side languages and then produces pure HTML for the client side  Usually faster loading times as no downloaded plug ins are needed (flash, shockwave etc.)  For most websites that sell anything such as Amazon, Game etc… they need a server side script to retrieve data from a database and client side cant do this  Application can be stored in libraries on servers which allows for developers to copy code and this reduces the cost and time of developing new programs
  8. 8.  Scripting software needs to be installed on a dedicated server  Most often a database or series of databases are required for the scripts to function properly  The dynamic scripts have security issues and hackers can gain access to the server through flaws in the code  Increase overheads from server having to respond to many requests could slow down or crash server
  9. 9.  Interpreted language is where the language has not been compiled for the machine and the server will take the code directly and perform process's  When using server side scripting dependent on the amount of software being used in the server will largely affect the overhead, because if a user is purely using server side scripting to access web pages the server will be doing all the work and therefore the overhead is increased on the server but reduced for the client  If the server is hosting all the scripts and there are too many requests it could cause slow speed, server crash’s or a corruption  The same goes for client side overheads when client side scripting is being used the clients computer is performing all the tasks and this will increase the overhead so if used in conjunction with server side the overheads should be reduced on both sides
  10. 10.  Server side scripting allows for much greater scope at making websites more tailored to individual needs.  By logging user data on a server and keeping it stored in a database the server can automatically determine which adverts to show and which products or services the user is most likely to want  The webpage can be adapted for user requirements such as easier to read or make the webpage more personal
  11. 11.  Using both client and server side together will reduce the overhead for both server and client which should improve overall performance and browsing speed  Websites such as Google, Amazon, Facebook or Twitter will use both types of scripting
  12. 12.  Server side will handle logging in, registration forms, personal data, preferences and user requirements and will provide the specific data to the client after retrieving it from a database.  Client side makes websites more interactive and displays or sorts the data in different ways dependent on the users actions such as clicking on buttons or links
  13. 13.  Because client side is less secure the combination of both server and client side is hugely beneficial for large websites such as Amazon or eBay who have huge databases of personal data that needs to be kept secure  Therefore having a secure dedicated server keeps the data more secure and less likely to be hacked