Core2 unit4


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Core2 unit4

  1. 1. + Jesus, the New Moses Unit 4: The Gospel of Matthew
  2. 2. + MATTHEWOVERVIEW 85-87 AD Affluent (elite) Jewish-Christians “New Moses”  Rabbi, Promised Messiah, Fulfillment of the Law, New & Improved Temple. Traced back to Abraham
  3. 3. + What do you know about Moses? • What does he have in common with Jesus? • How do they differ?
  4. 4. Infancy Narratives Luke Matthew How do the audiences affect the details of the story?
  5. 5. + Temptations of Jesus KRAMSKOY, Ivan Nikolaevich Date: 1873 How is Jesus portrayed as“New Moses? What does this passage teach us? Mt 4:1-11
  6. 6. + Parables pgs. 175-180 Stories rooted in daily life that use symbolism or allegory as a teaching tool and that usually have a surprise ending.
  7. 7. + Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) “I have come not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.” • Jesus’ teachings on daily life (ethics). • New Moses!
  8. 8. + Our Call to Beatitude! “Supreme Blessedness” In order to be “partakers of the divine nature” and of eternal life, we must strive to possess these qualities!
  9. 9. + The Greatest Commandments “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” “You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength”
  10. 10. + Pg. 183-184; Matthew 25:31-46 I fed the hungry. Whatever.
  11. 11. + 1. Explain why faith in Jesus is our path to eternal life. 2. Define the Beatific Vision. 3. What is the Mystical Body of Christ? 4. What is the Communion of Saints? 5. How did the death of Jesus change death for all of us? 6. Why is it good for us to keep in mind that death is inevitable? 7. What ideas and images can help us to have some understanding of Heaven? 8. What is the relationship between Hell and the gift of free will. 9. What is the purpose of Purgatory? Rd 224-235; 235 From last night…