How to Manage Your Time: Time Management 101


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This presentation will provide a comprehensive introduction to different time management strategies and productivity hacks—including many proven approaches and techniques to make both your busy business and your private life way easier and more fun.

Topics covered: time management best practices, e-mail and calendar management, to-do lists, Eisenhower Matrix, Getting Things Done, Pomodoro Technique, 80/20, time wasters, goal setting, The Miracle Morning, and more

This presentation has been largely inspired by Randy Pausch's talk:

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How to Manage Your Time: Time Management 101

  1. 1. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme HOW TO MANAGE YOUR TIME ① Take control ② Maximize impact ③ Minimize distraction ④ Optimize your work ⑤ Optimize globally ⑥ Enjoy your life Time Management 101
  2. 2. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme
  3. 3. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme
  4. 4. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Remember that time is money. — Ben Franklin
  5. 5. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Lack of time management Stress Burnout HappinessMoneyHealth
  6. 6. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Take control ① Take control
  7. 7. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Set goals • Why am I doing this? What is the goal? • How do I achieve this (most easily)? • What happens if I chose not to do it?
  8. 8. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme In preparing for battle,[…] 
 plans are useless, but planning is indispensable. — Dwight D. Eisenhower
  9. 9. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Make plans • „Failing to plan is planning to fail“ • Plan each day, week, quarter and year • Establish (fake) deadlines
  10. 10. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Use to-do lists • Break things down into small steps • Do the ugliest thing first • Then work by priority
  11. 11. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Don’t over-engineer
  12. 12. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme David Allen’s GTD • Workflow control process to clear your head: capture, clarify, organize, reflect, and engage • Regain focus and vision, starting from the bottom: current actions, projects, areas of responsibility, yearly goals, life
  13. 13. Urgent ImportantLessimportant Less urgent Do first Schedule Delegate Don‘t do The EISENHOWER matrix: Is this task urgent and important?
  14. 14. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Maximize impact ① Take control ② Maximize impact
  15. 15. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. —Cyril N. Parkinson
  16. 16. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Know your 80/20 • Critical few and the trivial many • Good judgment comes from experience • Experience comes from bad judgment
  17. 17. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Start with yourself • Get to know yourself: Know your good and bad times, keep time journals • You don‘t find but make time 
 for important things to do • Learn to say “No”: Everything you do 
 is an opportunity cost
  18. 18. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Get into the flow • Optimal state of intrinsic motivation through balancing challenge and skill • Energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity
  19. 19. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Remove roadblocks • Identify what is missing, why you aren’t enthusiastic or why you are afraid • Sometimes all you have to do is ask! • Never break a promise, but re-negotiate • Stressed or depressed? Go for a run!
  20. 20. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Minimize distraction ① Take control ② Maximize impact ③ Minimize distraction
  21. 21. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Procrastination is the thief of time. — Edward Young
  22. 22. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Prevent time waste • Tired or unable to concentrate • Messy desk and inability to find things • Instead doing stuff that does not matter (procrastination, w2ilfing) • Late to appointments (miss beginning) 
 and being unprepared in meetings
  23. 23. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Reduce interruptions • More than 5 interruptions (5 min each) shoot an hour (incl. 5 min recovery) • Reduce frequency and length of interruptions • Schedule time to work on your own • Multi-tasking is for CPUs, not brains
  24. 24. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme • Timer to break down work into intervals (25 minutes of work, 5 minutes break) • Timeboxing and frequent (active) breaks to improve mental agility
  25. 25. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Keep a journal • Monitor yourself in 15 minute increments for more than 3 days 
 (best a week or two) • What doesn’t need to be done? 
 What can someone else do?
 What can I do more efficiently? • How am I wasting other people’s time?
  26. 26. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Optimize your work ① Take control ② Maximize impact ③ Minimize distraction ④ Optimize your work
  27. 27. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Office • Make your office comfortable for you, 
 and optionally comfortable for others • Get a decent chair, seperate keyboard and mouse (posture), another display (productivity) and a headset (walk) • Keep your desk clear (remove clutter)
 and your to-do list and calendar close
  28. 28. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Paperwork • Touch each piece of paper once • Focus on one thing at a time
  29. 29. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme E-mail • Your inbox should not be your to-do list • Only one (responsible) recipient,
 optionally CC someone powerful • Follow up after 48 hours • Archive all, search over folders and tags
  30. 30. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Phone calls • Stand to keep it short (never put feet up) • Start by announcing goals for the call • Have something in view to do next,
 then announce it („I have X waiting...“)
  31. 31. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Meetings • Only attend when there is agenda,
 and not when you are optional • Lock the door, disallow PC and phones,
 (best) have people stand • 1 minute minutes (Who? What? When?)
  32. 32. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Optimize globally ① Take control ② Maximize impact ③ Minimize distraction ④ Optimize your work ⑤ Optimize globally
  33. 33. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Leverage delegation • Communicate (in writing), not dump:
 Be polite and precise, 
 provide context and priority • Give objectives, not procedures • People rise to the challenge: 
 Delegate “until they complain” 
 and grant authority
  34. 34. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Apply sociology • Gracefully end a successful meeting:
 Stand up and stroll to the door, complement/thank, shake hands • Beware upward delegation:
 Ignorance is your friend • Reinforce behaviour you want repeated:
 Say thank you and mean it
  35. 35. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Enjoy your life ① Take control ② Maximize impact ③ Minimize distraction ④ Optimize your work ⑤ Optimize globally ⑥ Enjoy your life
  36. 36. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Take breaks • Out of office message with return date and (different specific) back-up contacts • Reading e-mail is not a vacation, productivity requires rest
  37. 37. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Design your life • Kill your TV • Eat, sleep and exercise • Turn money into time
  38. 38. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Miracle Morning • Morning routine to form a habit of daily personal development • Life „SAVERS“: 
 Silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, scribing
  39. 39. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme If you can dream it, you can do it. — Walt Disney
  40. 40. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Vision Board • Visually clarify and maintain focus on life goals • Can support daily affirmations („I enjoy health“) and planning („I am about to live my dream“)
  41. 41. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Stay on track • Measure and evaluate your goals and productivity • Short term: Weekly or monthly journal review • Long term: Quarterly or yearly review of vision board or bucket list
  42. 42. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Wrap-up ① Take control ② Maximize impact ③ Minimize distraction ④ Optimize your work ⑤ Optimize globally ⑥ Enjoy your life
  43. 43. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme What you’ve learned • Set goals, do planning and work with priority-based to-do lists • Leverage proven frameworks and tools like Eisenhower, Pomodoro, calendar • Think before doing, eliminate interruptions and other time wastes • Wisely use and do calls/meetings • Long-term balance your work and life
  44. 44. ・ ・ @eisenhowerme Now let‘s get going & do the right things! (But grab a beer first.) Andreas Kwiatkowski @kwiat