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Kevin Smith. Professional Communication and Presentation (School Project)


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Tattoos are no longer a taboo.

Published in: Education
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Kevin Smith. Professional Communication and Presentation (School Project)

  1. 1. They Hurt Too Much! What Would I Get?? I Don’t Want To Regret It
  2. 2. I will never get a job
  3. 3. Does Not Even Hurt
  4. 4. Sanitary & Licensed Smith, Kevin
  5. 5. Professionally Placed And Able To Be Hidden Smith, Kevin
  6. 6. Love Life Heaven Smith, Kevin Hate Death Hell Hey! That’s Me
  7. 7. Teachers & Physicians Different Meanings My Personal Art
  8. 8. Alex: Preschool Teacher Joe: Psychiatric Evaluator
  9. 9. Touch Muther, C. (2006, March 20). In some offices, tattoos no longer taboo. website:
  10. 10. Helps Relate Builds Rapport Hennessey, R. (2013, February 27). Tattoos no longer a kiss of death in the workplace. website:
  11. 11. Family Drunken Night Art Truth or Dare
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Parents Children Loved Ones
  14. 14. Some Of My Personal Artwork No, I’m Not Them Heinrichs, K. (1999). Tattoos No Longer Taboo?. Christianity Today, 43(6),
  15. 15. Hobbies Some Of My Work Smith, Kevin
  16. 16. Family My First One! “For a growing number of Christians, tattoos are being used as a permanent proclamation of faith.” Faith Smith, Kevin -Heinrichs, Kevin
  17. 17. Get Up & Get Out There
  18. 18. No Longer Considered Taboo
  19. 19. Tasteful Well Placed Always Professional
  20. 20. What Will Be Your Next Big Story Told Through Art?