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Research proposal

  1. 1. Research Proposal<br />To:Professor Quinn<br />From:Katrina Welton<br />Date:March 23, 2011<br />Subject:Research Proposal<br />Proposed Research Topic: Stem Cell Research Controversy<br />Introduction to Research Topic:<br />Stewart Sell, a senior scientist at Ordway Cancer Research Institute, said, “In the beginning there is the stem cell; it is the origin of an organism's life. It is a single cell that can give rise to progeny that differentiate into any of the specialized cells of embryonic or adult tissues.”<br />This is how all life begins. A single cell can create a complex system of organs, tissues, muscles and bones. If one cell can effectively create all these vital parts of our bodies, what can these cells do for people living with damaging diseases and cancers? If it can be so beneficial to our human existence, why is it such a controversial topic in our society? Are there ways to ethically use these cells without the input of religion or politics, or must this topic be discussed and considered with these views in mind? I believe it is necessary to state before I begin that I am pro-choice. I will be discussing the importance of this stance, as well as inputting my views on this issue and the controversy associated with it throughout this paper.<br />There is a need for stem cell research because stem cells offer new potentials for treating diseases such as diabetes, and heart disease. I believe that by learning to effectively use both adult stem cells (somatic) and embryonic stem cells, we can begin to lessen these life-threatening diseases that affect people we love every day. Think about what a world without debilitating diseases would be like. Since stem cells are able to divide and renew themselves, they can be used to essentially “grow” a new heart for a person with heart disease. Imagine what it would be like to never have the fear of serious illness or premature death. <br />I believe that now more than ever, there is an increased need for research regarding these cells. There is a need to bring this issue to the forefront and inform the public about the pros and cons of moving forward in the stem cell research field. This study will be useful to enlighten those who may not know a lot about stem cell research. It will bring religion, politics and ethics into consideration and show how these affects one’s stance on this issue.<br />Through an academic essay and a PowerPoint presentation, I hope to teach the public about the benefits and also the drawbacks associated with this issue. I will discuss the dangers and benefits of stem cell research through literature from academic journals, government websites as well as scientific articles.<br /> <br />