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What the world's most shared website on Facebook can teach digital corporate communicators


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The website is called the fastest growing media site of all time. With descriptive headlines and engaging content they challenge the traditional media. In this presentation you will find out how to apply the succesful methods of Upworthy to your corporate communication content.

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What the world's most shared website on Facebook can teach digital corporate communicators

  1. 1. The success of and learnings for digital corporate communicators
  2. 2. Have you ever seen articles such as these in your Facebook newsfeed?
  3. 3. Then you’ve been in contact with, the most shared website on Facebook
  4. 4. The numbers 87 million unique visitors per month The 100 most popular articles have been shared 380 million times
  5. 5. Companies pay big money to be there Native advertising on Upworthy by Dove.
  6. 6. Even CNN tried to copy Upworthy…
  7. 7. …but failed.
  8. 8. Your typical Upworthy article A very descriptive headline Short text Engaging video
  9. 9. Like this one for example
  10. 10. 4 recipes for success from Upworthy Focus on headlines Focus on curation Positive and inspiring A/B testing
  11. 11. Focus on headlines Editors write up to 25 different headlines per article.
  12. 12. Focus on curation Most time is spent on finding the right stories. Only the best are ”Upworthy”. Editors only curate 5-7 stories per week.
  13. 13. Positive and inspiring subjects Statistics show that people like to read about and share positive and inspiring subjects.
  14. 14. A/B testing Different headlines are tested frequently on small segments, before going wide.
  15. 15. 3 questions Upworthy answer before publishing Is the content substantive, engaging, and entertaining? If 1 million people saw it, would the world be a better place? Does the content actually deliver on the promise of the headline?
  16. 16. The concept works • Swedish website copied the Upworthy concept and got 1 million visitors per week in only a month. • Making it a top 20 website in Sweden
  17. 17. So what can corporate communicators learn?
  18. 18. Headline for our next word from the CEO? ”This Bank Boss Has Your Money And What He Says About His Company Will Completely Blow Your Mind.”
  19. 19. Or this headline for our investment story? ”You Would Be Crazy Not To Take a Good Look at This Company For Your Next Investment and Here are The Intriguing Stats to Prove it”
  20. 20. No.
  21. 21. But we can be better at this Let the headlines speak for themselves A/B testing Curate better content Focus on shareable content